How I Made my Life Matter amidst the Drive towards Achieving

How I Made my Life Matter amidst the Drive towards Achieving

What if I died without leaving a legacy behind? What if I my existence was meaningless? A person driven by purpose and finding meaning in life, a day wherein I didn’t achieve something looked incomplete. Sometimes when I was stuck in the daily routine of work, eat, household chores and sleep and repeat, I used to wonder where I am really going.. When I heard encouraging words like I am worth-personified and as such I matter, I found it difficult to accept. I felt my life’s purpose is something more than that: to make a mark in this world.

What time taught me

One fine day I decided to dig deep into my untouched passions more so because I was concerned about idling. I was very well aware that planning won’t work all time, so I had to be careful enough in setting a daily routine. I even started finding joy in my profession, which has always been my passion. Though the unending feeling to achieve in my profession and demonstrate my skills dominated me several times I started to think again about this motivation, “you are worth personified”.

Now my perception towards life has slowly started changing. Yes. There is no denying that achieving something in life makes one’s life complete, but there is also an additional point to it. The purpose of life is mainly to be happy, and the drive towards achieving should not demoralize us. Is achieving in life at the expense of our happiness? Should it make us lose our peace of mind?

I started looking from the angle of even enjoying those things that don’t serve my purpose. I stopped thinking that I was idling away my time sometimes; I was only confusing rest with idling. I realized that it is not mandatory to think only about achievement; self care, a peaceful walk in the evening enjoying the surroundings and nature would be the best medicinee sometimes. I realized the importance of being lenient with myself. I have honed my skills and with time they will be complete. There is no need to fret about achievement all the time.

I stopped being a hard taskmaster

I started to focus even on doing things that makes me feel good including singing and chatting with friends. I didn’t feel guilty that there is lack of purpose in these things. I just stopped being a hard taskmaster on myself because I know I am doing my best.

I slowly started realizing that being a human being itself is a great thing and a thing to be cherished. When we have inherent capability, it would just suffice to concentrate on it at the right time and without being emotionally carried away by it. For example, thinking about over performance or under performance at work will only suffocate me. And as mentioned earlier confusing rest with idling at home will make me stressed.

Amidst all these realizations, I am clear that I will not chase happiness. The more I do so, the more it will be elusive. I will just concentrate on doing those things that make me happy (leading to soul satisfaction). If recognition follows I will accept it; if not, I will still be happy. After all, life is a serene journey to be experienced to its fullest and not a grueling race.

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