Nurture and not neglect the values in children

For certain children values play a major part in their lives. This applies especially to sacrifice. Certain children, who are perceived as reserved, have noble aims in life and they tend to be the ones who sacrifice a lot. They are also highly responsible at a young age. While others may think that they are just introverts, there is something more to their silent nature. They also think about how to be good in this otherwise harsh world. Even their friends request them to be more relaxed with life but they are just trying to be good individuals who attach great value to good qualities. The role of parents in understanding the values of children is of great importance.

Don’t ask a child who attaches significance to values to change

While it is always good to ask a child who is irresponsible and bullies others to change, don’t ask a child who is striving to be a good person to change. There is nothing to relax in the behavior of such a child. Even though he/she doesn’t study well, appreciate his/her good habits. While they may fail to get the expected marks in the exam, they will have exemplary qualities which will make you proud. So don’t consider only academic proficiency and recognition as the metric in the development of a child. If you constantly bother the child to get excellent marks and awards without understanding their main intention to be a person of good qualities, then one fine day they will become so frustrated that it will end up in depression. Good qualities when not understood can turn your child despondent and make him/her contemplate seriously on the goodness of life.

Don’t think that children who attach importance to values cannot survive in the world

We have a preconceived notion that children who have qualities like politeness, patience, humbleness and sacrifice cannot face the problems of the world. So we are very concerned about them and even tell to them, “how will you be able to manage in this harsh world?’.  There is no need to have fears about their survival, and all you have to do is to encourage their values. When you do so, your children will gain confidence to face the difficulties of the world.

Open up to your child

Sometimes you will not know how to appreciate your child. You may have the opinion that good qualities should speak for themselves. But is always heartening to encourage the virtues of your children because when appreciated the child will have the inclination to sustain it.

Discuss with your children about values

But even in values, ensure that it doesn’t go in excess. For example, certain children are sacrificial in nature. They even sacrifice their favorite things to their siblings or friends. In this case, you can always tell them to look after their interests first.

We cannot stop the world from being what it is, but as a parent, you can definitely give the required appreciation to your child. And teachers too play a major role in molding the values of children. The happiness that a child gets when being appreciated for being courteous, being thoughtful is immense. But what parents do will surely remain etched in the children’s hearts forever.

There is lot to be proud about when you have good qualities. You are the reason for others to believe that there is still hope in life.

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