When procrastination can be good

I had a notion that procrastination is always bad. But with the passage of time, I realized that a lack of it is one of the overhyped qualities that is instilled in a person. The problem is that most of us confuse procrastination with being unpunctual. While punctuality is always a much sought after and appreciated virtue, procrastination is something different. In an interview, when we reach at the right time, without being late, we present a good first impression. But procrastination is not like that. It fundamentally deals with our comfort level and we opt to postpone certain jobs.

Procrastination breaks monotony

We have a fixed schedule in our lives, and due to this we face monotony. But procrastination helps to break this monotony. Sometimes we have to be kind with ourselves, and hence we should learn to not feel guilty with procrastination. There’s a huge difference in the approach towards procrastination regarding a person who is “always” delaying his/her works and who is following a streamlined schedule. For the latter type of people, procrastination is needed sometimes to have a check on the activities and hence carry it out in disciplined manner.

When not to procrastinate?

When I say we have to be kind with ourselves at times of procrastinating, I just mean that the guilt of delaying or postponing certain acts must not get over our head. We know what our priorities are and what are not. But always keep in mind that procrastination can lead to a dangerous comfort level when you take it up in a full-fledged manner. The comfort level, though looks great at that particular time, will cause hurrying to complete the activity in the later stages.

Remember that what works for certain type of people may not work for you. Some people may prefer to delay their decisions regarding important official projects because they have to take time to think over it and don’t find meaning in it by just grabbing it when it is given. Sometimes we need time to decide, to analyze the pros and cons of our life’s decisions.  But ensure that once you have committed on something, work on it diligently without any hindrances. Life is after all not a hard taskmaster to force us to complete all the tasks at a fixed time. When followed in a disciplined manner right from the beginning, it will give us time to fix our priorities and bend for us accordingly. Sometimes by procrastinating, we will know what is necessary and not necessary for us. Just keep on doing your best and even studied procrastination will be a joyous journey for you!

4 Thoughts to “When procrastination can be good”

  1. Aswathi Prasad

    A very fresh perspective indeed

  2. Ankita Thapliyal

    Most important lesson for life……

  3. Sujatha Shantaram

    Fresh perspective indeed.!!! I do procrastinate at times and have felt guilty too. There times its untenable your article gives it a positive view 👌👌

    1. Yes..it is how we take procrastination..for those who always procrastinate, it is not good.
      But for those who procrastinate once in a while after fixing their priorities, it is okay sometimes..

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