Mother-daughter and father-daughter relationship: unique in their own way

When I hear people saying during my teens that parents are the epitome of sacrifice and undeterred attention with respect to their daughter’s life, I just took it light-heartedly. But with the passage of time, I realize the truthfulness of this statement. This is best explained through the following words:

Father-daughter relationship

For a daughter, her father will always be her best role model. He is the determined person who pats her on the back when she achieves in life. At the same time, he is at his strict best when teaching her that she is wrong in thinking that she is always right and everyone else is wrong. Nobody else in this world could play this role better than a father.

A daughter will not ruminate over the criticism that her father had given, instead she will look back happily at the best memories with her everlasting inspirer. Whether her father was a failure in his life doesn’t really matter because he makes his failure as the stepping stone of success for his daughter. He imagines a beautiful life for his daughter which he had missed. Finally, the beautiful daughter, with her inner beauty gleaming, turns out to be a confident and optimistic woman. While the mother perseveres,

 the father cheers.

A father is generally content with the achievements of his daughter and doesn’t expect too much from her. He takes pride in his little princess and is pretty sure that she will grow up to be a strong woman. For the optimistic father, his daughter is invincible. But as happy he is in cheering his daughter, he breaks down when his daughter encounters failure in life. His love towards his daughter is from the heart and is spontaneous.  He just cannot come in terms with the hard reality that his daughter is not a winner.

Mother-daughter relationship

A daughter shares a unique relationship with her mother. When she is angry with her failures, she fights with her mother for anything that has caused her mental anguish. Her mother’s strong advice doesn’t go well with her, and she irrationally pinpoints her mother for all the failures in her life.  Her mother is her target while her father is her comfort. In this way, the relationship between a mother and daughter is generally misunderstood. It’s not that there is no love lost between the mother and daughter; the mother just perseveres, and this quality is much appreciated. Finally, the daughter realizes her mother’s love with the passage of time and starts to revere her. Mostly, one can see the love-hate relationship between a mother and daughter, wherein the daughter silently admires her mother for her grit and determination and her love towards her. A mother may criticize her daughter, but she is the one who supports her daughter when she is not able to fight in this sometimes harsh world.

So we can conclude that while a father is always liked by the daughter, a mother’s love is only realized gradually by the daughter. If the daughter has understood her mother’s love in the initial stage itself, then it is all fine. But if it so like the case in this article, then lets realize that the mother’s love will be realized by the daughter only with the passage of time. The supporter in the father will not give up on the fighter in the daughter. A mother will also not give up on her daughter but its only the way that both show their love differs. And one should respect the differences.




2 Thoughts to “Mother-daughter and father-daughter relationship: unique in their own way”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Really! our parents can not be replaced by anyone in this world…….they r the most important part of our life……and the only ones who shall never envy our success ……blessed are those who respect their parents and even more blessed are those who always stand by their side in every thick and thins of life, despite the challenges in their lives……

  2. Sujatha Shantaram

    “The supporter in the father will not give up on the fighter in the daughter. A mother will also not give up on her daughter but the way that both show their love differs. And one should respect the differences.”
    Nailed it..well written Lalita. The article takes me down the roads of childhood and parenthood…
    Life is an adventure with Experience as its the way I see life..

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