Is quick decision-making skills important for me?

We all know the importance of decision-making in our lives. While we are making decisions for our life matters, we analyze it a lot and then only take studied decisions. Sometimes, we discuss the matters with our near and dear ones/well-wishers and then come to a final conclusion. We take the essence of what they have said and make the decision by ourselves. But if our contemplation in taking decisions take a long time and we are still stuck up in the process, then it’s a matter of concern.

For example, I have to make a decision regarding my career. I use my analytical skills and think a lot. I consult with my well-wishers and then finally don’t come to a proper decision. Then what is the use of thinking for these many days about it and getting the inputs of others? I have to rely on my intuition to a certain degree, which has been guiding me throughout these years, and also the rational wisdom of my inner critic. Just analyzing for a long time won’t help me in any way.

Lack of self-confidence

When I lack self-confidence, then I don’t make quick decisions. Don’t expect people to help you regarding your life-changing decisions all the time. This will make you depend on them to a great extent. Your intuition and your self-confidence are your best friends here.

A lot of fortitude to take quick decisions

Yes, I don’t deny that taking quick decisions requires a lot of fortitude. But don’t give up on that. Those who are capable of making quick decisions can definitely gain from it. At one stage of life, you would have surely reached a point where quick decision-making will definitely come spontaneously to you, given you had followed the correct pattern earlier.

So I wish you all the best in making decisions in life! Decision-making can be indeed challenging, but once you have gone through your life with clarity, then it will easily come for you. Even for those who are quite anxious about the outcome and those who dilly-dally, remember that there is more meaning to life when we have confidence in ourselves and listen to our intuition, which is once in a while monitored through our profound analysis. After all, intuition is enriched over time and is given a solid form through our past experiences. And as rightly said, the experience is the mother of knowledge! But let that knowledge be not clouded with emotions such that rationality cannot be seen…



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