Finding inner peace can be easy with these beautiful steps!

Finding inner peace amidst the chaos and confusion of the world is the most sought after quality that I often hear people saying. While on a conversation with my dear brother, when I asked him what quality does he require more in life, he immediately said, “inner peace”.  We always want to have a clear mind but something makes it so difficult to attain. Well, with a gentle introspection, I found these points to be useful for inner peace.

Till some time ago, your optimistic mind would have thought that things would always be perfect. But unfortunately, you realize later that this is not the case. So what will you do now? Just learn to accept that life is not always the way you want it to be. Don’t be browbeaten by the small setbacks; instead, start focusing on the big picture.

Just stay detached for some time

You have been through the hustle and bustle of life the entire day but staying detached for some time will make a whole lot of difference. Take time to understand that external factors cannot take away your inner peace unless and until you permit them to do so. Just stay relaxed and be an observer of life. You needn’t react to negativity and also to the actions of those who constantly annoy you. It will be a win-win situation. You are cool and the other person will gain from you.

Develop a sense of humor

A good sense of humor is all that it needs to come out of the worries in the world. Now if you are a serious-minded person don’t say that laughter should come spontaneously. How can I fake it when I am not feeling too good with life? But when you have a great passion for life, then it will surpass your worries and you will develop a good sense of humor. And one fine day you will realize that that is also one of the magical things that keep you moving.

Get comfortable with your relaxation technique

While certain relaxation techniques may work for you, some others won’t. For example, if I say deep inhalation while feeling stressed works for me, you might find it not so effective. Relaxed walking or gardening or meditation may work for you. Just do that consistently. You are choosing your relaxation technique and you are doing that consistently. You are your master!

Don’t fear silence

If you are the one who dreads silence, then it’s time you start loving it. Through silence, you will get to see a life that was unvisited by you for a long time. Short intervals of silence during the day can relax our minds and let us get accustomed to our inner selves.


Nowadays, this 11-lettered word is gaining a lot of acceptance. Do you want to know why? When you affirm yourself that “I am hale and healthy”, “my mind is serene” “My thoughts are beautiful” etc. you begin to develop a sense of belonging to positivity. It is just enough that you strongly affirm these thoughts.

Don’t neglect your physical health

Nowadays with the growing importance given to mental health let’s not forget to take care of our physical health too. For example, you may be confident that you are feeling great because your willpower is helping you throughout your life. But it’s better to have your regular appointments with the doctor at the correct time, without being too overconfident about your physical health.

Get sufficient sleep

By now, you would be already hearing the advantages of good sleep. So what are you waiting for? Have enough sleep of eight hours a day, without letting overthinking take away your sleep. Let not the brooding over the past and the apprehension over the future spoil your good night’s sleep.

Have a peaceful waking

Wake up in the morning with a fresh mind with no apprehensions about how you will carry forward the whole day. Don’t run to your phone or check your emails. Just carry out your morning routines in a relaxed manner.

Try these tips for finding your inner peace and you will thank me that I had stated their significance! The heartening thing about this elusive inner peace is that it is indeed attainable.

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  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Inner peace is that wealth which everyone in this world wants to seek, no matter what is their position and status. Inner peace is equal to biggest wealth in this world and hearty thanks to you for sharing few points to attain inner peace to some extent…….

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