Signs that you are not in the right job

After completing our higher studies, we would have big aspirations about landing our dream job. While some are lucky to get into a job that is close to their heart at the outset itself, some choose a job for the time-being thinking that they can change it later. The latter set of people is those who find it very difficult to cope with their current job. Now let’s see what the signs are that you are bored with your current job:

Come Sunday evening and you are apprehensive of Monday

The thought that you are in a job that doesn’t satisfy you will race at the back of your mind the whole second half of Sunday. You would constantly ponder over whether you would be able to carry yourself well the entire week ahead. The whole Sunday evening would have passed with joy and fun. But your childish dread about the arrival of a Monday morning will still be intact in you. While it was the fear of going to school during those days, it is the dread of going to the office now.

You find the job uninteresting

You find the monotony of daily work not interesting and having different set of skills, this job doesn’t appeal to you.  You try your best to be driven only to realize later that this is not the role you are meant to be.

You complete the work at a full stretch

When you are not satisfied with your job, instead of doing it slowly, you may even do the opposite too. You will do the work in a full shot and later think of what to do. You will feel like you are having a lot of free time too.

You are not attending to your natural/cultivated capability

Your natural inclination will be something creative but you are investing your time and energy in a job that requires a lot of analytical skills. You are not able to do full justice to your natural way of thinking. While the present job requires you to be completely systematic in your approach, your bent of mind doesn’t fit well to the job.

You fail to shine

How much ever hard you try, you are not able to give your 100 percent in the present job. While it was really difficult for you to cope in the early stages, you go the extra mile to learn the nuances of the job. But when you still fail, it is a clear indication that this is not the job where are meant to be.

You don’t see climbing in the career graph

Growth is the main key to success in a job and if you don’t find it in your current one, then it is high time that you think of shifting to a new one. You have a different set of skills and when it doesn’t suit the present one, then it is time to shift to a new one.

You are not sure about the contribution that you make to the organization

You feel a sense of not belonging to the job.  Whether you work whole-heartedly or not you have the same thought that you are not contributing to the company.

When asked “how many years will be there in the company” you don’t get a meaningful answer

Sometimes when you contemplate seriously on our sustaining ii the company, you don’t get a clear answer. You want your values to align with the company but at the end of the day, you are not proving to be the best fit.

Besides these factors, there may be even reasons like time taken to commute, office culture etc. that act as a hindrance to your job. So it’s better that you research well on all the aspects.

If you make these career changes before your 30s, then your career would be a smooth ride. The economy is indeed a bit gloomy at the time of writing, but the inner enthusiasm you have for finding the right job won’t be distracted.

The appreciation factor

If you fall under the category of those who always want to be appreciated for doing a difficult task with perfection, then you will feel disappointed if the company doesn’t appreciate your efforts. So it is a good thing to know about the type of company you are going to work for before joining.

If you have a strong thought that the present job is not the right fit for you, take decisions with a clear mind. Ensure that by your second job (utmost the third) you know which one suits you best.

If you have passed all the above-mentioned stages and like your job though you are not meant to be in it, then congrats! Even though it is not your cup of tea but you are doing it well, with patience and perseverance, then stick on to it. You can even find your dream job in your hobby. Nowadays, you can explore different avenues and there are several options open for learning. The key is in liking the job that you do and contributing your best so that there is a win-win situation.

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