Can you say that money is important?

I have got tired of hearing some people say, “My friend! Money is everything”. In fact, the drive to succeed in life is invariably attached with making money. When we go outside, we consider it as a prestige issue when we don’t have enough money with us. But the question whether “Is money everything in this world” always makes me ponder over the seriousness of it. So here I am, writing what I know about the how value is attached to money.

Obsession with money is the key to unhappiness

We all want to earn a lot in life. We want to satisfy our desires and make sure that we have a roof about our head. We need money for all the basic necessities of life. But when the thought of earning money gets over one’s head and one is obsessed with it, then only problems occur. Obsession with money causes mental stress. After all, at the end of the day, our mental health is important.

Follow the process

There is a process in life and we have to follow it. For example, out parents have got all the necessary items in life for us and gave education to us. This is done through money. So a significant value is attached to money here. When we grow old, we also start earning money and make our parents happy. So the satisfaction one gains when attaching value to money, in this making his/her parents happy, is unparalleled. Then we buy our own house and maybe later another house. We even buy a car to travel with our family. So there are certain basic things that must be satisfied through money. But when we think more about money even after completing this cycle then it becomes a problem for our mental health. We should not be addicted to the habit of making money. It will eventually become greed.

Live a life that you have dreamed of

We want to earn lot of money because we want to live a life that we dreamt of; a life that is full of luxurious and beautiful things. We have to convince ourselves that we have indeed achieved the goal in our life by earning money. But let me ask you one question here. When you are asked, “Where do you find yourself in the next five years?”. Would your answer be, “I want to make more money. I should have earned 5 lakhs by then.” No. You may answer, ”I want to buy my own house”. Or you would even attach noble values to it and say, “I want to make my parents, who have given me education and make sure that I am happy, in turn happy”. So when we attach a good value to money, then its results will also be good.

Let children know the value of money

While teaching children about money don’t stress that money is everything. Rather teach them the value attached to money. Otherwise, they may just start using money like in a play, without realizing its value. They will start counting the number of notes and their main intention will be to see its increase. But value attached is something noble than that. And it is quite heavy too, which know where to stop.

Money is a means to live the life you want, to secure your family and to some extent be generous and helpful. You want sufficient money in life so that you don’t depend on others too much. Let there not be a situation where we spend all our life making money and finally use a huge sum of money for our medical expenses. Enjoy the little and beautiful things in life with money. Don’t forget to buy your son or daughter the small sweet that he/she asks  with so much happiness. The key is in not going after money but you having only that much money to take care of you regular needs. Think rich but don’t be negatively overwhelmed by it.

2 Thoughts to “Can you say that money is important?”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Money is not everything, but without money there is nothing…..also being rich does not mean how much you have….it means how much you give. …..and learning the value of money is important so that we can spend wisely and save smartly….

  2. Aarthi

    Money is not everything …. but the use of money in the proper way gives you happiness. Ultimately we have everybody running behind it and using all means to accquire the maximum possible in life.

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