Trust me, decluttering can be easy!

Have you ever thought, “ah! I want to live a simple, happy life with no clutter in my house,”? Well, then you are the person with the minimalist approach who gives more importance to cleanliness and organizing. However, despite your strong intention to keep your house clean, somehow clutter piles up.

Eliminating clutter from your house is an overwhelming task. You never wanted to do it either because of sentimental reasons or just for the sheer enormity of it. But you have to let go of them one day. Embarking on this “let the clutter go” experience will be a satisfying one once you realize the truthfulness of the below-mentioned points:

You don’t know where to start

You have bought several items which are dear to you. You wonder where to start doing the declutter work. But you have to do it because that is what is all about being organized. If you are thinking of where to start, then just start from the area that you are already using. For example, your computer desk will not be organized, and it’s high time that you tidy it. Begin by cleaning it, and then move on to the other spaces in your house.

Let the things go to their original place

You might be overwhelmed by the enormity of things that are stored in your house while you are involved in the decluttering process. Here I suggest a good tip. Whenever you take a thing from its original place, ensure that you keep it back in the same place. For example, you might be taking your pen from your pen stand. Then, after using it, keep it in the same place. Developing this habit will help you to be more organized. And being organized means you will eliminate clutter then and there.

Both stress and relief

While cleaning the house and removing the unwanted things to which you don’t have any emotional attachment is indeed a great relief, it is never the same with the things that you like. So be determined to make the cleaning process as stress-free as possible.

Dispose of those things which you don’t want immediately

While you are cleaning make sure that you immediately dispose of those things that you don’t want. For this, you should be clear about what you want to eliminate.

Do decluttering frequently

Well, you may say it’s easier said than done. But once you start developing the habit of cleaning your house consistently, you will be happy that you did it, more so because you find only a few things to organize. Needless to say, you will also gain inner satisfaction.

Assign a specific space for everything

This point is dearer to me because I always allot a particular space for each thing in my workplace. While working from home, I maintain a dedicated space for keeping my diaries, another space for keeping my mobile, and so on. This will help to stay organized.

I have seen several people fixing a decluttering Sunday so that they can get the unwanted out of their house leisurely. Carry on! Despite your busy schedule during the whole week, it is appreciable that you dedicate a full day to cleaning. I have even seen the thoughtful smile of those people who get happiness by imagining the look and feel of the house before decluttering. And should I say about the joy they get when they look at the decluttered house! Way to go!





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