“Man is a social animal”

Many years ago Aristotle said “Man is a social animal”, and this quote has caught the fascination of me, my mother and one of my friends to a great extent. The beauty of this quote is that it is a food for thought liked by all sorts of people. As a writer, I can relate with this quote in the sense that whatever I do does not affect other people. That is the key to a life well-led. According to me writing a true and genuine piece is more than a pastime, and I should ensure that I make sense through writing. And the saying “man is a social animal” applies to me in this way.

Can you be completely isolated?

Now imagine this scenario. Can you be completely alone? We all need company and need to socialize so that we don’t feel totally bored and insane. While this concept extends to adjustment in the personal life side, it refers to co-operation and collaboration in the career side.

Man is a social animal-from the personal life angle

I love my family and am sure you too have the same feelings. Home is where the heart lies. I was bereaved by the demise of my father and even now think about those great days that I spent with him. So when I want someone’s presence in my life, shouldn’t I care for them, respect them and adjust? I should not act according to my wishes in an impulsive manner. For example, if I want to shout out loud then I should see to it that it is not affecting others. My actions should not be a hindrance to other people.

Man is a social animal-from the work life angle

We all love to give our inputs in the office. We all want to reach great heights in our career. That said, there are certain rules and regulations we need to follow at work. We may feel like singing loudly in the office, but we should ensure that it does not affect the productivity of others. In order to satisfy our creative spirit, there are enough competitions that prove to be perfect platform for our ability. So cooperation is the key here. Besides, we cannot expect that we are given preference for each project. With the passage of time, we should realize that though we were gaining accolades for our work initially, we should have the magnanimity to hand off the crown to someone else. It all comes from good team spirit and good office culture.

Respect is the mantra

So when we say man is a social animal, rather than interpreting it as doing whatever you want as per your wishes, you must look at the good side of it; respect other’s space. This extends to simple tips like giving respect to the time of others, maintaining integrity by being the first one to ask sorry for mistakes, be strict with children but not imposing your thoughts on them, and so on. With respect to the last point, being strict does not mean that you have to force your opinions on your children. You can make them to be self-disciplined but you have to understand that they are unique in their own way. They have their own thought processes and they want to make a career of their own. Hence it is a good thing to respect their space too. Just because we are having a certain thought about something doesn’t mean that others too have the same. Respecting the differences, still being caring, is also the key to a happy life.

5 Thoughts to ““Man is a social animal””

  1. Kalpana Dhandhania

    My favourite topic, esp. during this pandemic time. I personally feel good, feel safe around people. Well written 👌. Cheers, Kalpana

  2. Ankita Thapliyal

    The most heart-touching line of the complete blog “respecting differences and still bring caring Is the key to happiness”……this is that quality which lacks in today’s world but people who practise it make a huge contribution to mankind……and from my personal experience the more open-minded we are, the more the quality of creativity gets enhanced within us………Nice blog…..

  3. Alageswari

    “Feeling alone” is completely different from “being alone”, and I have been through the phase too. But I never kept complaining and asked for a companion. I let the things flow away. I respected their opinions and everything changed eventually.

    Thanks for the post that made me realise how strong I am.

  4. Aswathi

    Apt topic considering that we completed a year with COVID. Never has there been a better time to realise the value of people. Like necessity is the mother of invention, this time has pushed man to find more and more ways of connecting virtually which supports the fact that Man is indeed a social animal. Loved the article and am able to relate to every aspect called out.

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