Top reasons that show you can give credit to yourself

We all would be doing well in our lives, but unfortunately we don’t give credit to ourselves. This bogs us down and we may feel some void too. But once you start realizing that you are indeed doing good in life by following certain points then you will start appreciating yourself. The interesting thing here is that we are actually doing great in life but have an illusion as though we are not doing so. So just remember that all it takes to have a purposeful life is to be grateful for all the things that you already have, along with the below points.

You do your daily work consistently

If today is a great day for you, the next day might be worse. This may sometimes be due to external factors. In the course of time, you gain the maturity that the negativity in external factors is fundamentally a result of the choice that you have made in life. So you take responsibility of your actions and are only concerned about what you can do to change the negativity in a situation. Thus, irrespective of any situation, you carry on with your work diligently daily.

You are kind with yourself

When things are not good, you don’t get upset with yourself. This approach is one that removes your anguish and anger towards the past. You will slowly start realizing that once you learn from your mistakes and know your forte, you can face any problem in life

You strive to be a better version of yourself

Mistakes do happen even though we try to try our best. But you don’t take it personally; instead you challenge the setbacks in life and make an attempt to improve yourself in every aspect of life. You also keep in mind the big picture and are only focused on your goal.

You have a roof over your head/you still thrive in your career

There may be ups and downs in your career; you may get recognition late. However, you don’t get disheartened by this but keep doing your work with sincerity.

You find a meaning to everything you do

You are passionate towards your work, and you attach meaning to everything in your life. For this, you only select those things which are of interest to you.

You maintain healthy relationships

You value every relationship in your life and understand that everyone is unique. You don’t impose your thoughts on others. You understand that others can differ in their opinions.

You appreciate even the baby steps you take

You may be struggling to cope with life daily. But you don’t quit in this process and are aware that tiny drops make an ocean. You try your best to make the day as productive as you can, without being discouraged by external factors.

You have a forgiving mentality but make people realize their mistakes

You easily forgive others, but it doesn’t mean that you can be fooled. You tell the mistakes of others to them frankly so that they learn from it.

You set aside time for leisure activities

You would be completely occupied throughout the day, but you still make it a point to spend quality time in leisure. You practice mindful walking, you play games with your children, take time to watch a good movie etc.

People remember your good deeds

You take efforts to reach out to people and help them. In turn, people remember your good deeds. For example, you would have been sending good morning messages to your friends daily. If you fail to send it for some days, your friends take turns to wish you first in the morning.

You accept the change in yourself gracefully

You realize that you have changed for the better. Changing for the better may mean different things to different people. For example, you may involve in less overthinking and only concentrate on your work speaking for yourself. You just embrace this change in you.

You understand that it is okay to not feel okay sometimes

Sometimes we are so stressed that we take a break from the routine activities. This doesn’t mean that we have given up. Rest necessarily doesn’t mean relaxing without doing any work. It can even be any change of work, for example, reading, cooking, or listening to music.

Small problems don’t bother your anymore

You start focusing on the big picture and are not domineered by the trivial issues in life. You have already assessed the depth of such problems and know how to handle them.

You don’t let negativity into your life

You make it a point to cut off negativity. You only take in those things that are good for your mental health.

In spite of you following the above points, why don’t you still give credit to yourself?  Friends, life has its own ups and downs, and everyone would be in a situation to know how to handle it. The problem arises only when we compare our lives with others. Everyone has a different life journey. Improve your self-esteem and realize that there is more power in you compared to your magnitude of the current situation. Once you choose your path, learn from your mistakes, rejoice on your success, and write a unique page in history, then what is wrong in giving credit to yourself?

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  1. Aswathi

    Nice Article… Much needed reminder for many .Love and appreciate yourself and the world around will too 🙂

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    Such a wonderful reminder & crisp compilation👌

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