What to do when a person is depressed

Depression, anxiety and stress are common problems that we see in today’s world. While they were not much recognized earlier, people have started to empathize with those who are highly despondent and are struggling to establish a firm place in the “survival of the fittest”. There is lot of hope nowadays due to the advancement in studies and the open-mindedness of people.  People have started to care to reach out those who are in need.

There are certain situations where we cannot explain anything to anyone but can just remain silent. No amount of expressing will help us come out of the concern that we are faced with. But you can face this problem by lowering the expectations in life and are only focused on the priorities in your life.  We feel a sense of hopelessness mostly because we want things to fructify soon. Most of the cases we can come out of our low spirit by ourselves. In same situations, we need the help of others.

Let go what is not under your control

We all have the power within us to assess the severity of the problem that we are facing. So assure yourself that you have done your best but life has only turned haywire, which is not under your control. If life can give you a test and teach a lesson, then show life that you never deserved that difficult test and it was a matter of irony. Irony is a queer thing and accept it gracefully.

Self-help is the best help

You may be even taking tablets to come out of depression. But it is just a way of convincing yourself that you are going to be alright. While tablets may help partially in helping you come out of depression, it is all in the mind that will help to manage these intelligently.

Children need parent’s understanding

For those who are in the initial stages of depression, which includes feeling bored with your work often, getting angry when you don’t achieve what you want in a short span, having the tendency to postpone, thinking that nobody understands you, etc.  the best thing is to take time to be kind with yourself.  Parents and other family members may think of admitting those who always throw tantrums and those who don’t do any productive work due to depression in rehabilitation centres. While rehabilitation centres may to some degree help the person of concern to come out of their problem, it is only through the love of near and dear ones that the person can completely heal.

Be a friend with your child

We sometimes admit our children in a rehabilitation centre or consult a psychiatrist when he/she  is suffering from depression or faced a big trauma or act in an abnormal manner. These things can wait. But the first thing you have to do is to assess the situation, and if needed you can change the location. A good rehabilitation centre can be a new environment, and your child will be trained for occupational therapy or other good things to come out of the problem. It can bring a systematic schedule to your children’s life. But even there, it is better to accompany your child to the rehab so that there is your support involved. Also, it is always better to go to a secure and good center, that too as an out-patient. The key to helping a person come out of depression is to try to cure them  through our care.

Keep insisting on progress even though there is no change

The person who is depressed will be living in his/her own world and wont change for the better even though you insist on it several times. But don’t lose heart or get angry with them. Keep on telling the same thing because the view is always beautiful at the top. You have done your best to make them come out of depression, and there is no point in giving up midway. When we see depression in a broad manner, then it may appear scary. But the reality is when viewing it at close quarters can help us assess the magnitude of it, thereby reaching out to the depressed people with care.

Don’t give up to sayings like depression is incurable. Just keep going and do your best. You never know; you may even become an illustrious person who is an inspiration for others. 


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