How to cope with a fall in a good habit?

Have you ever experienced a fall in a good habit? Have you ever thought, “Oh! I how nice it would be if my good habits happen consistently, without me taking huge efforts to stick on to it?” But you have to understand that good habits should be nurtured with care, and then only they can be sustained. This article might be the one that will take you on a thoughtful journey of how you can manage a fall in a good habit. The main aspect of this habit dip is that we tend to blame ourselves for this habit dip. If this blaming can be a positive impact on you i.e., you start following your habit again with full energy, then it is no problem. But on the other hand, if it affects like you feel guilty about the habit dip, then it is time that you consider certain things.

We get happy with our achievements that we tend to have a fall in our good habit

This is otherwise called overconfidence. Sometimes, we tend to get too convinced with the fruits of our good habit that we tend to stop following it. We may keen on postponing it only to realize one day that we have altogether stopped that good habit. For example, you may be going for walking daily 20 minutes a day, which is good for your health. However, if you don’t follow it consistently, then you don’t see the results of your efforts for these many days. To avoid this habit dip, we can follow the following points.

Cultivate equanimity in life

We should always maintain the habit of not getting disheartened when our good habits don’t bear fruits, at the same time, not getting overconfident when it fructifies. Sometimes the results may take a longer time than usual, but don’t be bogged down by it. You may even be having the habit of managing money wisely. You would have prepared a budget in the month beginning and start giving an account for whatever you have spent. If suddenly you have deviated from this habit, don’t hesitate to give some time for yourself to go back to the habit. But the key is in doing it quickly without ruminating too much over it.

If you are not able to do it daily initially, start with less frequent intervals

If you are studying for an exam, you would by now have realized the importance of good study habits. You would have been making it a practice to wake up early at 5 a.m. and study.  If you are not able to follow your habit daily at the outset, start following it on alternate days. Then gradually bring it daily.

We have negative thoughts on the habit at the initial stage itself

One of the main reasons for a fall in a good habit is that we develop a negative attitude toward it before starting. The foundation for anything should be good, and hence it is better to cultivate good thoughts about the good habit that you are going to follow.

We concentrate on other achievements

We become so excited about other achievements that we tend to forget the good habit that we are following currently. Remind yourself constantly that following a specific habit will do you good.

A friend in need can also be the key

When you feel like quitting and cannot move on further, venting out to a good friend can be a good solace. They are those who know about your strengths and motivate you.

We just carry on with the good habit to please others

Sometimes it may say happen that we follow a specific good habit, say yoga, only to please our near and dear ones. Ensure that you are following it whole-heartedly and spontaneously.

At the end of the day, following a good habit consistently gives you the satisfaction that you are doing something good for your life. Don’t get disheartened when there is a fall in the habit suddenly. But make sure that you bounce back to normalcy as quickly as you can. Don’t be carried away by bad habits; instead, use your willpower to follow the good habit consistently. Be grateful that your good habit is reaping fruits instead of brooding over the time spent on it. It’s worth it!

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    Something I personally struggle with too. Thank you

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