How to control your mind during difficult scenarios and stop mental disturbance

We all face difficult situations in life. We would be in a predicament as to how to handle a tough situation. At certain times, we would be seriously contemplating on whether things would regain its normalcy. Our mind would be restless, and we won’t even be in a position to listen to the suggestions/advice of well-wishers/near and dear ones. There is no denying that these situations may be really stressful. So in order to keep yourself motivated, follow the below-mentioned steps and attain clarity.

Generally mornings wipe away the previous day’s disappointment

Sometimes we are so preoccupied with our problems that we are overwhelmed by it. What you should realize that there will definitely be a change in the morning. Having a good sleep and waking up fresh will have a positive impact on your temperament. This only goes on to show that difficult situations do not last forever. For some time, it will be strong, and then it will gradually lose its power. Today may be bad, tomorrow also may be bad, but there will definitely be light at the end of the tunnel the next day.

Make out what makes you feel anxious

This is the key to coming out of your difficult situation. Once you identify this, then you will be in a situation to handle it. Analyse whether your fear is a rational or irrational one. For example, I know of a friend who gets extremely anxious when there is power cut. When asked what is the reason for his anxiety, he is not in a position toe explain it.  Through constant asking, he will say that there is an unknown fear of power being cut. So when we don’t know what causes our anxiety, it is a wise thing to slowly remove our fear, without being harsh on ourselves.

Divert from the situation

When faced with difficult situations, just gently divert your attention from the situation. The key is in not doing it in a hastened manner. The other day I was sitting in the sofa, feeling bored with the daily monotony of life. I was thinking, “Oh! We are doing these same things only daily! Waking up, doing routine household chores, and doing office work! How can I add interest to the job that I am doing?” At such times, just shift your mind from that thought, and involve yourself in other engaging things like going for a walk, reading a book, listening to music etc.

Do activities bit by bit

Well, during these situations, remember that when you do a strenuous task at a stretch, then it will cause stress because you have exerted all your energy into it. For example, if you are cleaning a shelf raft in your kitchen, do only one part of it. But make sure that you complete the other part sooner and also do it systematically.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Sometimes we are so blinded by our thoughts about a particular difficult situation that even though it is not good for us, we keep maintaining that what we think is correct. During such situations, it is always better to seek the help of others, who may be able to provide better insights into the scenario. These well-wishers may provide a realistic solution wherein you were carried away by your emotional thinking.

Don’t overthink about the situation

The ifs in life are queer things. What happens if I don’t complete my task on time? What happens if the power gets cut (the example of the anxious person I mentioned in a previous point)? What happens if they don’t appreciate my work? What happens if I fail in this exam? What happens if the barfi I am preparing doesn’t turn out well? Don’t be preoccupied with such negative and taxing thoughts. Instead, focus your mind on doing the situation with excellence. Yes even if your barfi doesn’t turn well this time, don’t get disheartenedJ there is always a better next time!

Face your deepest fear

Here also lets again take the example of a person who is having fear of power being cut. Isn’t a good thing if he faces the fear straighaway? For some days it will be difficult, but through constant practice, it will be easy to face the deepest fear.

Keep yourself engaged

This is one of the best mantras for tackling your mind during a difficult situation. Be occupied with something that gives meaning. Live the situation and spend quality time with your kids. You may even learn new things from them which will erase your worries, thereby decreasing the severity of the negativity in the situation.

Learn from those who manage to smile in spite of difficulties

When you are so worried about how to handle the difficult situation, look at those who maintain a cheerful countenance in spite of problems in life. It is always a good thing to take a leaf from other’s book, thereby being inspired by them.

I sincerely hope that these tips help you to follow a better life and handle difficult situations gracefully. Now that we are slowly coming out of the clutches of the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s hope that this new normalcy is indeed satisfying and happy.



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  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Keeping ourselves engaged and facing the fear straightway are the best points to be practised in daily life as they may/may not lead you to success but may add a beautiful and powerful essence of self-confidence within you…….and most important thing, whenever problem knocks your door just say try me and not why me……..and never wait for any right moment in your life, just learn to make the particular moment right….learn to act according to your life and make yourself able to lead your life and not asking your life to be able according to your thoughts and if anyone does that then I am sorry, you are not trying anything new or are fearing to come out of your comfort zone….. remember no pain no gain………

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