A much-needed introspection into how Google has changed my creative writing world

Creative writing has always been my interest. I write spontaneously whatever comes in my mind. I still remember the time when there was an essay writing competition during my school days and I was staring at the paper, not knowing what to write. I would not lie that I prepared well for the competition; I just thought that my English skills would help me. But that was not the case. I just stared at the paper sometimes, not getting the flow. And now at this age of 40, I am still striving to establish myself as a good writer, and spontaneity is the key that is making me proud even amidst tough competition.

While I don’t generally blame anyone for anything in life, there is one thing that I wish to shed light here. With the introduction of Google into my life during my college days, and with my entry into the world of content writing, I was highly fascinated by the concept of researching in a search engine, getting the idea and then writing in my own words. They said that the content should be plagiarism-free ,and as a responsible content writer, and more as a sensitive human being, I grasped this whole-heartedly. While I was busy writing content for websites, I failed to realize that there is a creative writer in me, who wants to be patted at the back frequently. While this was pretty well done by my close friends and some well-wishers, most of my time had been spent on using my mind for content writing for work. And there the poor creative writer in me was waiting for my attention: when will I get enlightenment?

Is my creative writing process halted halfway because of the entry of Google in my life? Did I stop nurturing my talent as a creative writer because the gleam that Google gave was too attractive to forgo? Was I intimidated by the verbosity and lucid language of certain people that I just knew to appreciate without being too much of a critic? (Maybe, If I had the inclination to look with critical eyes the works of other authors, then I would be even more a polished writer now).Was my decision to take up job as a content writer a wrong step which hindered my growth as a creative writer? Was sometimes the writer block because of too much dependence on Google, such that I failed to present my real and accumulated skills in the right manner? There are several questions that are getting answers from me now. But the heartening thing is that now I can confidently write original content without depending too much on Google, in my content writer job. 

Finally, I come to terms that it is by being myself (in this context of content writing) that I am enhancing my talents. My writing style will automatically reflect my path that I have travelled. While it is true that Google had halted the spark in me and continued to remain an essential part of my life, I am happy that I still have the creativity fresh, which will reap rewards. As a passionate writer, I never developed disinterest for writing, and so here I am, who still knows how to put creative writing into its best use. After all, writer’s block is not a death sentence for a writer!

2 Thoughts to “A much-needed introspection into how Google has changed my creative writing world”

  1. Aswathi

    Nice read. Your closing line is powerful!!

  2. Kalpana

    Well, that takes guts to pen down. You have this wonderful talent (whether you use a tool is secondary).

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