The gentle call for a normal life after COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a deep impact on our lives. We try to show up a brave face and talk about what we know about this pandemic. We also sincerely wish that such pandemics don’t happen in the future again. But more than all these, we have the mindset to accept the situation. This seems to be a blessing in disguise of a sort.

How we have taken COVID 19 in our stride

When I say COVID-19 being a blessing in disguise, I mean the way it has impacted our mental strength. We have become stronger than before and are trying to cope with the daily challenges of life with an unswerving spirit. There are various other diseases that already exist including diabetes, cardiac problems, hypertension etc., but COVID-19 has been given much importance for some time. We were asked to wear masks, maintain 1m social distance, and only go out when really necessary. While we followed all these diligently for some time and the enormity of the pandemic seemed to decrease, there is another alert that a new coronavirus variant has been found in the UK. When such news spread, we discuss it among ourselves, assess the relevance of it, and take measures to be careful. That said, the most appreciable thing is that we have learned to “live with” the hype caused by the virus and are doing our works as usual, diligently.

How this “living with COVID-19” philosophy has impacted our mindset

Accepting things which we cannot control is somewhat a misunderstood concept by us. But after this COVID-19 pandemic, people have started to realize the importance of it. As happy as we were before the pandemic, we don’t want it to spoil our good temperament now also. So, we decided to take all the precautions to be away from the fierceness of the virus.  I don’t say that we are not affected by the severity of the pandemic, but the heartening thing is that we move on.

For the travel enthusiast

Those who are frequent flyers or who are explorers would have had a difficult time during this pandemic. But still when things came back to normalcy a month ago, they decided to travel. Car became the preferred mode of travel though trains and flights resumed operating after the lockdown. Even when people went out of station they followed the precautions. The key is that travel was not curtailed due to the fear of COVID-19 pandemic. The assessment of the situation helped the hodophile to travel with discernment.

Epicure of outside food

Who is there who doesn’t love good food prepared in your favorite restaurant? The interesting part is that however much that we prepare good food in our homes, some people cannot give up on the relish of restaurant food. But this has been halted for some time, and we started to cook varieties of food by ourselves. We engaged in referring Youtubes, cooking books and came out with beautiful recipes. Then once the pandemic slowly lost its unpleasant hype, we didn’t mind to eat food at good restaurants.

Good practices are here to stay

After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized the importance of drinking boiled water, take bath after going outside, gargle frequently, and eat healthy food.  These practices have been emphasized years ago itself, and it is only wise that we follow it now also.


There is an age-old proverb that “what cannot be cured must be endured”. This applies well to the impact caused by COVID-19 pandemic, only that I add the word “optimism” to it. So now it reads, “what cannot be cured must be endured with optimism”.  By now we have assessed the impact of the pandemic, learnt to live with its and seriousness when it was out of control, and thus having clarity on it.

Instead of crying over the difficult situation, I am happy to note that we all acted prudently. Whatsapp messages were shared, people discussed the experiences, and voluntary help tendency increased. People also made it a point to always make a move ahead because the past, wherein the COVID-19 pandemic also resides, is not where we belong. And this optimism is what that counts at the end of the day.

Note: This is written according to the knowledge I have and not as per global statistics.

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