If I were to ask three wishes from God….

Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs equally striding in our path.  We get vexed up when something bad happens to us and blame God. Here then nobody has got the right answer as to whether everything happens due to fate or through one’s own making. In this scenario like in a fairy tale if I am granted three wishes I would promptly ask for three important wishes. The first wish would be world peace.  When we wake up in the morning and read the newspaper it tells its share of mishaps happening all over the world. Violence, rape, natural disasters only fill three fourth of the paper. This modern world can boast of advances in various fields but still everyone has to struggle a lot. The constant prevalence of fear, tension and apprehension only makes a sensitive and empathetic person profusely seek world peace.

World peace

Well, who is there in this world who does not yearn for world peace? First this desire starts from the family and then it gradually extends to society. As individuals we should first experience world peace and only if this need is satisfied the world would be at peace. Here then atleast we will experience world peace though the other people in the world would have got it or not. This is called perception. Well, there is the story of an Indian Rani who lost her golden necklace and searched the whole palace only to be frustrated.  Finally she realized that she is actually wearing it. This may sound unbelievable but this is what happens to most of us. We will be searching for inner peace outside only to find that it is within ourselves. Inner peace is the first step to world peace. Also we should  have a balanced mind in spite of all the hindrances we face in the world.

The irony is that when one vehemently seeks peace he/she does not get it.   For getting it first and foremost you should be comfortable with yourself and love all that moulded you to your current state. By the way, we have witnessed the wonders of science and technology but ironically the basic human problems still exist. Yes, literacy rate is extraordinary but still there is only mental agitation in every corner of the world. Let’s pray that there shall be unlimited world peace.

Lack of disease

The second wish I would ask for is that there shall be no dreadful diseases in the world. Yes this is a part of world peace attainment but still it requires separate attention. It is really pitiable that a person suddenly gets a dreadful disease and suffers lifelong.

Wellness is just the absence of disease. In order to attain wellness we should just not remain satisfied with hope but we should get into action. The health care people should be highly dedicated in their jobs and should strive for the betterment of humans.


The third wish I would ask God would be to make me love myself always and realize that I have a unique page history to write. I should always understand my potential and make use of my talents in the right manner.

I have asked my three wishes and these are not unattainable. With the required degree of care from every individual in the world including me it is easy reachable. Let the world be a wonderful place to live in.

One Thought to “If I were to ask three wishes from God….”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Felicitations for such a wonderful blog……in the complete blog, the topic which grabbed my attention the most was self-love…..Yes, we need to love ourself, accept our challenges, stop comparing ourselves with others and considering our imperfections, we must try to overcome them or try to conceal them and do not let them become a barrier in our life…..The best rule to self-love is in place of one imperfection count your ten blessings and believe me you will be completely pumped up for the next turn of your life……coming up to world peace and lack of disease, we all want people around us to curve their attitudes, but we ourselves never try doing that…..so just a simple task learn to improve your thought process by educating yourselves on topics that are meaningful. For lack of disease, practise all the guidelines provided by health authorities and make a routine of meditation, poweryoga or exercise, followed by a healthy and balanced diet….most important keep laughing and be happy even if you don’t have any reason to do them……

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