What will you do when everything seems like a mirage?

There are times in our lives when we feel like giving up.  We would have tried our best but nothing fructifies; everything seems to be a mirage. How to conquer such situations?

Boyfriend betrays girlfriend

Now I remember the story of one of my friends who was always had a never-say-die attitude. She used to question the injustices in life and would never give up. She pinned great hopes on her boyfriend who promised that he will marry her. But finally, due to pressure from family, he was forced to marry another woman. My dear friend tried her best to get justice but it was all in vein. Hence, ultimately she failed in her battle.

Husband not friendly with wife

There is another friend of mine who got separated from her husband due to no mistake of hers. She was such a lovely woman but fate was cruel with her. The husband was a stubborn and reserved person but my friend is highly exuberant. He was always serious and never took her out for outings. She was finally provoked because she didn’t find a friend in her husband. She was pushed to the hilt and everything was against her. She was also in a situation where she was forced to accept that she was cantankerous.

Teacher showing partiality

This is the story of another friend wherein she joined a technical writing class. This girl had great writing skills in her but she wanted to hone it further. Hence she enrolled in the training institute. There were other students whose line was not at all writing but they were brainwashed into taking up that course. Instead of motivating my friend who is highly talented, the teacher was biased towards the other students. It is not wrong that the teacher was interested in the poor-performing students, but she must have taken steps to encourage my dear sensitive friend who was a competent writer.

Addicted towards alcohol

I know of one person who was highly intelligent. He was basically child at heart and had very good mastery over language. He was working in the media field and his only drawback was consuming alcohol. That didn’t go well with the management and in spite of this person’s efforts to come up in his profession, he was suppressed: all because of alcohol and loose talk. Once bit twice shy; this person stopped taking alcohol.

How these people came up in life?

With regard to the first case, the girl diverted her attention to other things. Though fate showed that she is a failure, the girl thought otherwise. She didn’t give consent to her heart to consider herself as a failure. She devoted her life to her parents, never got married and also came out in flying colors in her profession.

With regard to the second case, the woman , though was visibly hurt by the blame on her, was determined to come up in life. She never had any vengeance towards her husband, but rather she slowly and steadily climbed the ladder in life. She took coaching classes for children and molded them into proficient professionals.

With regard to the third case, the girl didn’t become jealous of the other students, who were pampered by the teacher (why should she when she had belief in her talent) .Yes, she was upset for a while that she didn’t get recognition, but still she came back to normalcy in a short span and focused on self-learning. She learned all the nuances of writing and now she is a content strategist in an established organization.

With regard to the fourth case, it took lot of time for the tag of an alcoholic to be removed from the person. But still he patiently worked on his strengths. He didn’t achieve anything in life after that, but still during his last days in the earth, he lived a balanced life sans alcohol.

The key is that though these people were failure in life in the broader sense, they didn’t consider themselves so. They rose as phoenix from the ashes and learned from their mistakes, thereby acting on  it.  They didn’t get the life that they deserved overnight; but still they decided to take the right decision when their life was at crossroads.


One Thought to “What will you do when everything seems like a mirage?”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Stars always need darkness to shine and coal has to always undergo pressure to become diamond….likewise my friends, we all have to go through tough times to get better version of ourselves ….whether we are willing or not , we have to come out of our comfort zone and take up the next journey…….and you know what until and unless you don’t go through tough times and pressure, you will not be able to realize your own worth…… and time and will of God are always the best healers…..they heal biggest and biggest wounds of our lives, and once when you turn back and recall the tough times, always thank the time and praise the Lord for such a journey which made you strong and made you realize your worth……

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