Can anxiety be helpful?

Anxiety is a term that is given great importance nowadays. Most of us are not able to tackle the stress of life and hence become worried about the future. We may have all the skills to succeed in life and also the best trait called as hard work. But still anxiety, which is basically worry about what will happen in the future, will bog us down more so because the outcome seems threatening to us. Living with this feeling can have a deep impact on our mental wellness. We will eventually start losing confidence. In this vein, it will be useful if we have good comprehension of anxiety and why it is bothering us. Now let’s see where anxiety actually can be a good feeling indeed.

Anxiety can be a blessing in disguise

Yes, this is one thing that I have experienced personally. When I am anxious, I tend to put extra efforts in my work with the fear that I may not achieve the outcome. I see this anxiety as an alert: an alert that makes me perform my best even though I am not able to. When difficulties arise, this anxiety though painful acts as a problem-solver. I regard anxiety as a way through which my life is improved more so because I am alerted by it to do my best.

Sometimes, you tend to overanalyze certain things so that you get a proper solution for it. This is absolutely normal; you would have done a mistake in the past and would have learnt from it. The key lies in knowing when this anxiety is normal and when it goes beyond normalcy.

Anxiety helps to understand others’ problems

If you are a person who has seen the brighter side of anxiety, then anxiety helps you to put yourself in the shoes of others and readily understand their mental state. It helps you to be kind with others though you are having mental turmoil. People start seeing you as a caring friend with whom you can always share your concerns.

Don’t get tensed when you have anxiety

Those who don’t give up in life see anxiety as a protection mechanism that helps them to identify the potential hindrances in life.  There is no need to panic when you have normal anxiety. However, there are times when this feeling goes to such an extent that it will act as a major block in taking life’s decisions. Though the second point is not within the scope of this writing, I would say through experience that anxiety will not doom us; just that we know how to handle it perfectly. In most of the cases, venting your thoughts to a good friend, having good sleep, letting go of certain things that cannot be controlled, and not being obsessed with perfection but doing our best can go a long in mitigating anxiety.

Learning that everything has a solution to it will make your life much easier. Have an anxiety-free life!

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