How important is your name?

Have you ever thought about the importance given to names? Our parents have named us with great affection and also by following certain naming principles. Names are given so much importance that we may even sometimes change it according to numerology. I like my name because it is easy to spell and is pleasant to the ears..

Naming of a baby

The naming of a baby is one of the biggest events in a parent’s life. In fact, so much care is taken for a name that the parents start deciding on the name months ahead of the birth of the child. In certain traditions, the name has a sentimental connection that the first boy child is named after the paternal father’s name and the first girl child is named after the paternal mother’s name. The second boy child is named after the maternal grandfather while the second girl child is named after the maternal grandmother. Iin some traditions, when the grandparents are alive, the child won’t be named after them. Some couples name their children after the stars in which the child is born, while some get the help of numerology to name their child. There are also various other interesting  naming principles followed globally. Can you share them?

Your name is your parents’ dream

It is no exaggeration to tell that the name of a person is the dream of his/her parents. The naming of a child is given so much importance by the parents. They break their mind, which is not a headache at all for them, in naming their children. Even the family member including the couple’s parents gain joy in suggesting names for the child. In fact, my father was so attached to my name that he fondly used to express my name along with his name and dreamt that I would achieve great things.

Names encompass meaning for individuals

Names form a pivotal part of one’s life. They even give meaning to certain people. And when someone remembers our name after being not in touch for a long time, it enhances our self-esteem. And not to miss the joy of the father who calls his daughter with a nickname.

We attach uniqueness to our names that even though my name may be common it is unique according to me. Just because someone else has the same name of mine doesn’t make me worried because I love my name. I have even seen people not attaching importance to their names. By the way, do you attach meaning to your names?

I don’t believe in assuming about someone just through their name. According to me, a name doesn’t have to do anything with the character traits of a person. If at all it has to do, then it will be regarding the way perceive our name.

In another angle, the name may also be related to the traits of a person because it is the dream of the parents who molded the child and the dreams will definitely persist. But still if you haven’t met a person how can you assume about the person just by his/her name? I encourage your views here.

Can you think of a world without names? A big no!

A world without names would be such a mess. Names are not only important for human beings but also for pets and organizations. A business name is the initial point of contact between the business and the society. And I could understand how certain people are attached to their pets that they spend an appreciable time in naming them.

Even for my website, I contemplated a lot before coming up with a good name. I wanted it to be appealing and crisp. I consulted several people before naming it and finally came up with my own name, which was liked by others. I spent pretty good time in naming the website. And if you like the name of my website, you can drop a like or comment!




4 Thoughts to “How important is your name?”

  1. Aswathi

    Your name is your identity…when someone addresses you with your name or uses it often it creates a special bond. Very good topic and well articulated Lallu

  2. Ankita Thapliyal

    Awesome concept……Name always plays an important role in everyone’s life , in fact we are always recognised only through our names. Whenever we meet someone for the first time, they always ask “what is your good name/ your name please”. And the moment when hear someone’s name, and if we know the meaning, we start looking for the particular character in them. Some times some names sound weird to us, while some very unique and interesting….but overall names of a person, organization, shop, pets, etc. Always have their own role to play, especially in terms of recognition…..

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