How to cope when people change

There are certain times when people suddenly change. But when they are not the same, we are not able to accept it.  We may have a strong notion that people should remain the same all the time. How can we try to avoid disappointment when people change and concentrate on their priorities more than ever? This article tries to understand this and give a clear view.

Understand people too have their priorities

In our lives, we may be friendly with everyone. But one fine day when a particular person changes and says that they have their priorities and that they are busy, we may not be able to accept it. They will not give the same attention to us as they did before. So the key is in accepting the change with equanimity. Isn’t it better said than done?

Well, it is actually that life show a different twist to each of us, in a unique way. Some will have a phase wherein it requires understanding on your part as to why they have really changed. Just see whether they are completely ignoring you. If that is the case, then respect their decision. If they have only minimized the time they spend with you, then realize that they are indeed busy with their own priorities.

Don’t take the change personally

Not only people, but life also changes over time. The problem arises only when you feel upset with the change in life. Especially during this COVID-19 situation, you might not have been able to accept that life has indeed changed. The remote working style and less travel might not have gone well with you. But still remember that change is the only constant in life. We never ask for an unpleasant change, but when it comes all of a sudden, we have to courageously face it.

The confusion that you are having will not last long

Depression, anxiety, stress etc. occurs only when we have a strong feeling that life will never get back to normalcy after a bad situation. The key is not being stuck in the situation but to bounce back to normalcy. Resilience is the need of the hour. This trait is mostly needed for you to succeed in life.

Express your thoughts to your friend directly

When a person has suddenly changed you can directly ask them what the problem is. If they are not sure about it and seem to be lost in their priorities, then you can let them look into their priorities.

You would have been close friends during your school days but later started living your lives, on a different path. While some may be able to express the reason for their change some may just be lost. So we should do what is befitting to the situation, without being overwhelmed by the change in the other person. Don’t put the entire blame on yourself and think that something is wrong with you.

The essence of this topic can be summed up as: focus on those who care for you, don’t be disheartened by people’s change, and bounce back to resilience. In this way, you can be happy. After all, life is too wonderful to be spent worrying.

(This post is dedicated to my friends who, similar to me, are concerned that people change all of a sudden).


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