Remaining calm is also empathizing: food for thought

I am known for my exuberance: a spirit that is known to make me hyperactive sometimes.  Hyperactive and madness! Hope you get the connection. Sometimes, this hyperactivity leads to emotional stress: always wishing that things happen immediately. I need an affirmation that what I say is acknowledged at the moment itself.

And there my mother looks at me while I am working, with a known face. She knows that I have somehow managed to come out of the shackles of my past and leading a normal life. Depression was its peak few years ago and I attribute it to the feeling of hyperactivity. No doctor has ever told me this. They just told that I was having mild symptoms of stress and depression. But this behavior was mainly due to lack of motivation and problems carrying out daily activities.

My mother allowed me to be myself. According to me, she is the best psychologist for me. When I am overenthusiastic she just gave a stoic expression. There is depth in her silence, which speaks many things. People used to blame her for being so callous with my exuberant behavior. For all these, she just remained cool and composed. I also used to wonder why she is so “cool”…doesn’t she really empathize with me??

And then it all dawned on me one fine day. I had to gain that realization through an accident. While I was cleaning the attic, an iron stick fell on my head and it was indeed scary. I was rushed to the hospital and the young doctor immediately did the necessary. My mother was informed about my accident while she was in the office.  She came to the hospital and yes, in her usual “cool and composed” self. And I looked at her in a confused state. Pain was there, blood was oozing from my head, but my mother was strong. What a blend of situation!  I couldn’t imagine this situation; Pain was there, blood was oozing from my head, and my mother also crying. That day her secret thoughts taught me a couple of important things in life: it’s the fear factor during a mishap, for example this accident, that makes the healing more late. There should always be a balance in two relations. Here, my mother is tranquil and I am anxious. An anxious behavior can always become tranquil but the tranquil one should not become anxious. In my life, the first case happened. And I am thankful to God for that.

What I have learnt through this incident is that though someone remains cool during your times of misfortune, which generally happens in certain instances in our lives, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care for us. It is just that they don’t want to aggravate the situation by expressing their sadness. It takes a clear and stable mind to be calm and serene in situations of mishaps. And that’s what certain people are.

What do you think about this  Do you relate with it? If so, share your comments!

One Thought to “Remaining calm is also empathizing: food for thought”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Haste makes waste….here haste is in essence confusion, anger, tiredness, worry, etc. We normally notice that when such things keep going on in our mind, we tend to collapse everything and results are never fruitfull, no matter how hard your efforts were. So it is always necessary to understand the root cause of the problem or situation and act accordingly…and the most important thing to do this is to remain calm …although it is difficult but I bet it is equally fruitful…..and as usual congratulations once again Lalitha for such an exemplary concept to share with us…keep going….God bless you….

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