How to overcome the negative effects of perfectionism?

The drive towards perfectionism is a queer thing. Sometimes, it will drive you so crazy that you will not be able to accept that you have indeed done an average job. Your mindset will become attuned in such a way that you won’t accept anything below perfection. That said, the result being a perfect one is a different thing. But when you are obsessed with perfection it will have adverse impact on your mental health. How can one overcome the negative effects of perfectionism? This blog takes you through that in a precise manner.

Just keep doing your best

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on how we sharpen our strengths and handle our weaknesses. Just because we haven’t performed according to the set expectations (mostly it will be set by our minds only), it doesn’t mean that we haven’t tried our best. Just keep track of the milestones in your life and see whether you have indeed improved. That’s the mantra of success. In your drive towards perfection don’t lose sight of the practical result that is coming along your way. Your mind will be accustomed in such a way that anything less than perfect is not at all acceptable. Don’t measure your success in days’ time. Instead start measuring it in month’s time because sometimes days don’t give correct results. Then you will see good results.

Don’t compare yourself with others

The excessive drive towards perfection is mainly because we compare with others. When we are not able to achieve in the same way as the other person did, then we become upset. But you should remember that everyone has his/her own journey. While some are good at picking up things easily, some take time to grasp. If you are in the second category, just relax. You know you are doing your best without giving up and that’s what counts at the end of the day. If you give up just because of your drive towards perfectionism and hence wanting to surpass the other person, then it is not healthy for your mind. Instead, try to become the better version of yourself day by day.

Understand that certain things take time to grow

Imagine that you involved in gardening. There are three plants in the garden; while two plants had grown fully, the third one takes time to grow. Don’t look at it with a microscope. Our happenings in life too are similar. We cannot expect everything to be perfect. Some may take time to excel, and we should have the patience to work on it.

Don’t be obsessed with the thought of perfectionism that you don’t start the work at all

This is a very crucial thing in our life. We should not be so much attached to the thought of perfectionism that we don’t begin the work at all. Anywhere, progress is the key to success and you simply keep track of that. In your fear of imperfection, if you don’t start the work at all, then how can you fare in life? Come out of this comfort zone and slowly and steadily perform your work.

We all have some innate talents and it is up to us to express them properly. Perform the work with the required diligence that one day you will appreciate yourself for persevering. All the best!

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  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Nice blog….. Perfectionism has been deeply rooted within all of us in such a way that we are so obsessed with it. Don’t compare your self with others because someone’s page 20 content cannot be similar to your page 1 content and everyone has their own pattern of life; hence, do not end up copying others. And as Lalitha said, do not worry about your slow progress, just set small targets achieve them and you shall reach the heights you have dreamed about as a mighty ocean fills drop by drop only…so friends keep going, this is what is life all about, fall, practice, achieve……

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