How to move on in life after achieving at young age itself

“My teacher asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I said happy. She told me I don’t understand the assignment, I told her she doesn’t understand life.”

This is a busy world, and people are striving hard to cope with the daily challenges of life. Now there are young managers, young entrepreneurs etc. who achieve a lot of money, fame and name  or any of them in the young age itself. (it ultimately depends on what they see as success)  Some are not able to cope with the illusion created by the success that they get lost somewhere. This article earnestly looks into the lives of different sets of people and try to give solution to all those who are struggling to live a happy life.

“The view is beautiful at the top” mindset

Those who are yet to achieve in life survive the odds because they know the view is beautiful at the top. Success is constantly eluding them and they try their best to keep moving. Till certain stages while they haven’t taken life seriously, they start giving importance to it at a particular juncture. Finally, they realize that success depends on what makes you happy (without hurting others) and doing it with full heart. Well, this is the irony of life. Sometimes, life behaves queerly by first giving us the test and teaching us the lesson.

It’s never too late to start afresh

There is also another set of people who haven’t accomplished in life but they yield to giving up. They have low self-esteem about themselves and feel bad that they haven’t accomplished even before their 40s.  But what they miss to give importance is that it is never late to start afresh in life.

There is lot to life even after early achievement

One of the ironical things is that those who had already accomplished in life, that too at a young age, when faced with some criticism tend to give up. They even get depressed and start thinking about the value of their existence. Have they worked hard and reached this coveted position only to yield to negativism? Besides, these people reach higher positions in their young age itself and everything after that seems to be mundane for them. This is a strange play of life.

What is the remedy?

Here it is better to plan one’s life accordingly so that neither early success gets into your head nor constant failure disappoints you. When you feel low, remember that it is not wrong. If you have had money, name or fame even before your 40s, practice the attitude of composure and equanimity. Don’t let the feeling of despondence get over your head. You have lot of time to enjoy life and early achievement should not make you consider life as dull. Having a loving family and friends is all that is needed to cope with this feeling of despondence. And besides being happy that you have achieved a lot in life at young age itself, spend your time productively/.

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