The beautiful world of sacrificing

You had made wonderful sweets for your children. You would watch your children eat them with pleasure. One of them likes the sweet so much that he asks his sister to give the one that she is having.. And the little girl gives it without any hesitation.

Your mother is having a coveted job. She does her work diligently and she rejected several promotions just because she wants to give extra care to her children.

You have a full-time job. You also work part time because you have to make ends meet. You have to make your family happy.

You are planning to buy a new house. Earlier, you had lot of time at your disposal to spend with your children. Now you engage in the works of your house in order to give them long-term happiness. Hence, you sacrifice your short-term happiness.

You are supposed to meet your friends for a get together. But unfortunately, your child who is suffering from mild depression asks you to stay at home. You understand her world and stay with her.

You study in a hostel near to your college to fulfill the dreams of your parents. The hostel food is not  good but still you cope because you see the long-term happiness.

And then there is this different form of sacrifice. You start eating less, go for gym because you have gained weight. You have sacrificed your comfort zone and carefree life for the betterment of yourself (this is also a form of sacrifice).

These are just some day-to-day examples of sacrifices that we make in our lives. When you love what you are doing it becomes the purest form of sacrifice.

Be grateful to those people who sacrifice for you

Appreciate people for the sacrifices they make for the sake of you. Don’t let their earnest efforts go wasted. People sacrifice because they value your relationship. Sometimes the sacrifice can even be for the greater good.

Ensure that you are happy with your sacrifice

The core of life lies in the choices we make. Decide for yourself whether the sacrifice that you are going to make now is going to make you happy. If you are unhappy with what you are sacrificing and do it just for namesake (without doing whole-heartedly), then it is not worth it.

Sometimes doing whole-heartedly isn’t a sacrifice at all

And now the beauty of sacrifice is that when you really sacrifice for others, you won’t feel the stress of sacrificing. You just do it whole-heartedly without complaining.

We have achieved this much in life only because of the sacrifices we have made. Success is a relative term and it varies from people to people. But definitely there will be a bit of sacrifice interspersed to it; and this success will give meaning to your life. You may ask: Can success be achieved without sacrifices? And why to sacrifice for others? Remember that if you sacrifice just in order to make others happy, then you value that relationship to a great extent. Don’t question the cause of it; just understand the effect. Whether it is for the greater good or for your own betterment, sacrifice is a beautiful virtue.


One Thought to “The beautiful world of sacrificing”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Sacrifice is the purest form of gift anyone in this world can give to us. People who make efforts to sacrifice are no less than an angel from heaven. Somewhere at some point, we meet these angels in our lives, that is, in the form of parents, friends, well wishers, lovers and surprisingly some strangers. We must have insight to identify such people and indentify with them to show our gratitude. Also please have a sense of gratitude for people who sacrifice because it takes lots of efforts and guts to make one single sacrifice.

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