Of binge eating, excessive eating, restrictive eating and emotional eating: A practical insight

Are you facing a tough time in combating excessive eating? Are you involved in eating that is out of your control? Is the sheer sign of gulab jamun or barfi or murukku or icecream tempting you to eat them excessively?  Are you confused over the health factor of foods that you really love? Well, you are not alone. The problem nowadays is that with lot of information being overloaded on us regarding the right way to eat food, we get confused. So considering all these, I have provided a list of things related to binge eating, emotional eating, restricting eating etc., so that you can have a healthy relationship with food.

Don’t involve in restricting food

When you realize that your eating habit is out of your control then you may go to the other extreme and engage in restricting food. But that is not the right thing to do. Your aim should be to concentrate on health first and not weight loss. If you are obsessed with the weight loss factor, then you will end up in restricting your food so much so that you won’t get the energy and stamina to sustain.  But that is not good for your health. A balanced approach to food including a gap of 4 hours (which is recommended by  food experts) between every meal is required.

Eating too much in the morning but eating less in the night

We sometimes tend to eat a lot in the morning and satisfy the gourmet in us. But we will do the mistake of eating less in the night thinking that we are doing the right thing. It may also happen vice versa; we will eat less in the morning but eat heavily in the night. Some of us may not get hungry because we mostly eat snacks and drink lot of water. The key is in eating the right food at the right time. You have to focus on nutrients and not increase your calories.

Don’t make food as a remedy for emotional distress

Indulging in overeating when we are emotionally distressed is a topic which I want to specially cover in this post. We may face this situation in our life often. We even wonder how our emotions are connected to food. But that truth is that when you keenly look into this, it is true. When we are feeling depressed or lonely we tend to overeat. When you start observing your behaviour, you will notice that you also tend to eat a lot when there are mood fluctuations. But don’t be harsh with yourself. Gradually start addressing your problem. With the passage of time, you will come out of it.

Make sure that you have a balanced diet

A meal cooked with love and served with love is the direct way to get into a person’s heart. But ensure that you have a balanced diet. Sometimes, when people serve you with more food, have the determination to say that you will eat only what is necessary. For example,  your mother and other family members may pamper you will lot of food. But it is your willpower that will stop you from consuming huge amount of food. 

Eating when you are feeling bored

This is also one of the food habits that we tend to involve in. When we get bored and don’t have more work, we tend to eat. During such situations, drink lot of water, cucumber or buttermilk to satisfy the immediate need to eat something. Also, ensure that you eat food at the right time.

Don’t skip any of your meals

We have the wrong idea that skipping one of the meals will do the work of maintaining diet. But the key is in eating balanced food at the right intervals as said before. Again, it is a different thing altogether if you are fasting once in a month or so with only fruits and liquids. After all, our stomach too needs rest.

Get a good insight of your problem

If you are overeating or binge eating, try to address it. By now, we all know what food is good for us but the key lies in eating right. After getting an insight about your problem, start addressing it immediately. It is not wrong if your results are delayed but it is a thing of concern only if you don’t start at all. 

Engage in calmness or meditation

When you feel like binge eating or over eating, relax. Try to meditate for a while. Calm your mind and divert your attention to some other task also. For few days, it will be difficult, but over time you will gain control of your eating habits. 

Don’t be ashamed of binge eating or overeating

A feeling of guilt, shame will make you eat more. Don’t do that. Be kind with yourself and take steps slowly. But ensure that you make it happen.

These tips will really work if you follow it diligently. So take enough care of yourself so that you make better food choices. All the best!

Few word of reinforcing

What is emotional eating?

Having the urge to eat when you are down is one example of emotional eating

What is binge eating?

Quickly eating an excessive quantity of food

Right eating

Don’t starve, don’t overeat, don’t be obsessed with restricting food. Eat balanced.

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