Top DIY Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Isn’t it a good thing if we now and then appreciate the women in our lives for the great work they are doing? Want to see the glow in their face when you gift them with something that is prepared by yourself? Then here are the top do-it-yourself gift ideas to make them happy. I know you will be having a tough time in deciding the perfect gift for them because they may have everything that they need (or atleast they say so!). Still it can give you immense pleasure in preparing the best gift for them with utmost care. After all, thoughtful gifts filled with warmth, that too made by yourself, will never go unnoticed and unacknowledged by them.

Women’s Day Flowers

Who doesn’t like flowers? They are so filled with life that they give us hope in this otherwise seemingly uncertain world. All you have to do is just go the flower shop, collect a handful of beautiful fresh flowers (you would know what flowers your mother or daughter or sister or wife or granny or colleague likes), arrange them by yourself, write some thoughtful words on the label, and gift it to her!

Appreciation note

We all sometimes appreciate the women in our life verbally.  How about bringing out the writer in you through a handwritten gratitude note? Write as spontaneously as you can and you would be happy that you did it. They will cherish it forever in their lives because a thoughtful appreciation will go a long way in making them realize that they are valued.


Reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags are always of good use for women. Why don’t you do one by yourself? You would be interested in crafts. Regain that interest and prepare such bags that are easy to sew and can even be durable. It may take some time but it will be worth the effort.

Embroidered headphones

Well, your mom or wife or sister of granny would be a great music lover. In order to make them happy, here is a cool idea. You can give the posh look to the headphone by doing embroidery work. The key lies in wrapping the whole cord meticulously.

Handmade crafts

Handmade crafts are always a thing of beauty. When done with diligence, they will be the perfect gift for anyone. You can paint them or any of their favorite or even something inspiring and gift it to them. If you are proficient in a sewing machine, you can even make some curtains and blankets. Remember that even though you are gifting them an item that is for beautifying the home and not for their personal use, they will definitely like it.

Every time you want to buy gifts to women you will only be confused because though there are lot of gift ideas for them it should be useful and long-lasting. With lot of DIY ideas on the web, the key is in doing it yourself with love. It will give them the feeling that they are being valued and that you are taking extra efforts amidst your busy schedule to make it for them. Go ahead! Make the women of your life feel loved by gifting these wonderful DIY gifts.

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