Life learning made easy: Your child can learn a lot from birds and insects

Birds and insects are a real beauty when it comes to teaching life lessons. They have lot of inherent qualities in them that will be very helpful to you when you teach your children the right way of living life. Have you ever observed the crow family which is always united, especially when it comes to eating food? Have you observed a peacock that presents himself in a splendid manner with grace? Now lets take your children to the world of these birds and insects and learn few life lessons.


The chicken community has the innate tendency to realize the importance of being together. They work for the welfare of the community by giving those who prey on them a difficult task.

And regarding the adult male domestic chicken, roosters, they are known for their briskness. They wake up early in the morning with great enthusiasm. This habit must be inculcated in your children because once they start waking up early the whole day will be productive.


Crows are black, but yes, we don’t judge a book by its cover. Let me suggest you one thing. You place some food in the terrace and wait for crows to come. You will see that once one crow arrives, he/she will call the other crows so that they can eat together. Eating together as a family is one habit that one must learn from a crow.


By now, you would have definitely taught your child that the owls are the wisest birds in the world. Have you looked at their large eyes? They look as though they have swallowed all the intelligence of the world. In stories too, your children would have seen them as highly knowledgeable creatures. In reality too, owls don’t get vexed up, observe everything and do things in a relaxed manner. Your children can learn these qualities.


Yes, your children would know that peacocks are good at dancing. One life lesson one can learn from peacocks is how to remain stylish and pious every time and also how to do everything which will send positive vibes. Though these birds have a deficiency in the form of hoarse voice, it is compensated by their way of presenting themselves.


Well, butterflies are beautiful creatures. And we all have the inclination to catch them when they sit in our vicinity. But alas! They just fly away when we go near them even though they were still in their location when we didn’t attempt to catch them. This should teach your child to be alert of the surroundings.


There should be a definite objective in life. Without that there is no meaning. Have you ever noticed ants? Their main aim is to gather food for their colony. Though they are small, they invest all their time in doing so. This undeterred seeking should be learnt from them.

There are also many other lessons to be learnt from birds including sustaining in spite of changing seasons, having firm belief in your capability, etc. When your children start learning from birds, they can spread their wings, much like their feathered friends, in a beautiful way!

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