We still can see light at the end of the tunnel…

The corona virus pandemic has shaken the whole world. We are suffering from it and are wondering whether there will be any relief from it. They ask us to vaccinate to prevent the severity of the disease. That being one side, there are also strict instructions to always wear mask, follow hand hygiene, and maintain social distancing. These three are COVID-appropriate behaviors, and once we all follow them religiously, the future that the corona seems to show for us (read bleak) will be rather lighted up.

The mental disturbance for children

I always strive to work for the cause of humanity, whether it is through my blogs or my WhatsApp status or any casual conversation I share with my friends.  In this vein, I would like to stress on the mental problems that children face due to this pandemic. I am sure the parents are doing their best to mitigate the mental pain of these sensitive people, who have a great future ahead of them. These children should always be affirmed with the fact that this too shall pass (i.e. to be specific, bad times are temporary) and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. But they should not be forced to pray to God because spirituality should come from within. Instead, they can be asked to believe in the goodness of life which will help them to eventually converse with God. The parents can always tell the truth instead of hiding it from the children.

Now lets see this conversation:

Child: Mom, will this pandemic ever end? (the child got straight to the point without beating around the bush)

Mother: It will dear. Don’t be carried away by the hype surrounding it. Just make sure that you follow all the COVID-appropriate behavior and don’t get upset. Anywhere, doing things regularly is the key dear. Don’t get upset by wasted efforts. Your mind may have been affected due to the severity of the pandemic, but just flow with life. See, now we all know everything about corona. Don’t be carried away by those newsmongers that gather and provide you with the same news every time. Just ensure your goal for the future is not washed away amidst the hype surrounding this pandemic.

Now we see a very crisp and beautiful message delivered by a mother to her daughter. Well, this applies to all of us. There is a child in every one of us who wants to achieve great things in life. We may have planned for a trip to another country to meet our family members or even for a school/college reunion. If that is not happening in the near future, don’t worry. Just keep looking for the sunshine, without giving up.

Let not this pandemic pose a threat to the beautiful future of children. They are the ones to be motivated the most; they definitely needn’t be taught that life is uncertain (why should they?); they can be taught to enjoy every moment of life that will result in equanimity. And when you think for the benefit of your children, the child in you will manifest such that your main aim will be to lead a fulfilling life, wherein well-being of whole humanity becomes your aim. And this is what is needed now most importantly. You sometimes may not be able to find solutions to the whole world, but definitely every parent can create a new path for the children. You can even experience the newly-found child in you. Experience peace in you, and the whole world becomes peaceful…..

2 Thoughts to “We still can see light at the end of the tunnel…”

  1. Aswathi

    Hope is all we have. Thanks for a positive story amidst all the chaos and negative news we wake up to each day!!

  2. Hema

    Positive thinking stressed ,which is the need of the hour. Let us hope for light at the end of the tunnel.

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