Mother’s Day:“Oh my dear mother! Relax and take rest”

This mother’s day made me to think about the special bond I share with my mother in an even more serious manner. Right from my childhood, I quarrel with my mother for even the silly things. But that is not the crux of the topic here. My topic of concern is about how my mother, who is a septuagenarian now, takes no pain in doing all the work diligently. She wakes up early in the morning at 5 a.m even now (sometimes even at 4:30 a.m) and does her work consistently. I should accept I have to fight a lot with her to make her sit in one place and stop doing work. But later I realized that is how she is.

“Oh my dear mother! Relax and take rest”

For my mother, life was a routine one when she worked in office During my childhood, she used to wake up early in the morning, do all the household chores, go to office, do her work meticulously, come back home, prepare dinner, and then goes to sleep.Now that she is retired, she engages herself in leisure activities; but that didn’t stop her from doing household work. This is where I decided to consider things seriously. Now that in my life where the saying “home is where the heart lies” is convincingly demonstrated, my main mission is to make her happy. My health issues seem trivial when I take efforts to do all my household chores, thereby lessening her stress.

A deeper realization

And now I have started to think from a different angle. And this pondering shed light on an important outlook towards life. Should an older mother, who is above the age of 50, who is ever-willing to share the burden of doing household chores, be stopped from doing so? Should she always be told, “ Oh mom! You are getting old! Take rest! I will manage everything”? Actually, moms enjoy doing household works including the cleaning parts. This makes them feel that they are energetic.

This realization made sense to me. Let my mother travel her journey with satisfaction. Let her do work to her heart’s pleasure but without stressing too much. And on my part, let me know to observe keenly whether she is at stress or not. Not asking my mother, who is above 60 years of age, to do work, will make her feel incapable. Let her enjoy the work she does. And I, as the loving daughter, can do the lion’s share.

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