Can job hopping be good for your career?

I am not a millennial where job hopping is considered the new normal. During the formative stages of my career, job hopping was regarded as something that is hindering my growth. Employees who are not stable in their jobs (especially those who stay in a company for less than two years) were easily rejected. But now times have changed. Job hoppers are considered as versatile employees, who can adapt to a wide range of skills. Job hopping is viewed positively now, which can be mainly attributed to the dissatisfaction of the employee towards the organization and the work culture. To combat this,the employers should make a paradigm shift in their approach to make the employees stick to their companies because job satisfaction and work culture is what that makes the clear difference.

A deeper look into job hopping

Job hopping refers to the candidate’s inclination to shift from company to company. During my times, it was not viewed positively because loyalty and sustaining in the job are what the recruiters were looking for. But I think that is not the situation now. There are several options including part-time jobs, and the beauty attached to the conventional loyal employee is no more looked with great enthusiasm.

Millennials and job hopping

Especially, we should tell about millennials who are firm in their decision of job hopping, and no retention strategy makes them stick to the company. They are clear in what they want from life (according to their perception) and find several reasons for dissatisfaction. While this may sound a discrete behavior at first analysis, a deeper insight will reveal that they can try to sustain in the company for at least 2 years. Due to this, they will gain more exposure about the job and reach the ladder of success in a streamlined manner.  The first job can have the leeway of staying for only one year because we should give consideration to the mindset of the freshers too, who have tried to stay in a company for at least this much time, given that they are seeing a new world.

Is there really anything positive about job hopping?

One can boost his/her career prospects through job hopping. Sounds too good to be true, right? But think from this angle. You will gain exposure to various types of works and you will develop new skills. You will also interact with a huge network of professionals who are from different backgrounds. This will be useful for your future jobs .

But the question of the day is…do job hoppers make the  best employees?

Talent, skills, and performance is what counts at the end of the day. If you are an individual who views your job as one that gives you money and satisfaction, without thinking deeply about the attachment and longevity perks of it, then there is no harm in doing job hopping. If you do job hopping without making your resume look unorganized, then it’s all fine. But too much of job hopping can prove to be detrimental for your growth.

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