Accepting failed marriage is not a bane, rather it makes me sane!-From a woman’s perspective

Marriage is a fortune for many, but for some it is a state where one has to convince saying that bygones are bygones. The gift of enjoying life with spouse, children, and in-laws is something that is seen as a star that can only be appreciated for its beauty by some. It requires lot of courage in letting go, and this typically happens in a failed marriage. While the pain remains and it takes time to heal thinking about the cause of tragedy, there are some wounded hearts that just remind us of the jackal and grapes story. The grapes are sour for the wounded heart because it knows that there cannot be another chapter wherein a commitment for lifelong married life will be successful.

Who is to be blamed for a failed marriage?

Couples separate due to several reasons which I don’t want to go deep here. But when one has decided to part ways with his/her spouse, it brings heartache not only to them but also to their near and dear ones. The ethos of the society will also play a central role in magnifying the problem. While some think of moving ahead in life and marry again, for some it is a broken glass that cannot be mended.

How can one cope with post-failed marriage life?

It is really a difficult situation for a woman to return to her parents’ home after separating from her husband. But once all the pain subsides, the empowered woman journeys through life with will power. In fact, this will power has become an evolved skill for her now. While she took pride in evolving as a woman and doing her duties diligently, the stigma attached to the failed marriage makes her cry silently. Slowly these tears turned into pearls of wisdom that gradually helped her in understanding life. As time passes, she realizes that marriage is just a part of life; only that certain magnified aspects, which can also be due to naivety, causes failure.

It is not the end of the world

Don’t be upset over a failed marriage just because the world will admonish you. You have travelled the path, and it is your world. Just remember that some relations cannot be restored and it is better that way. And ultimately, there is brighter side to everything. Focus on that.


3 Thoughts to “Accepting failed marriage is not a bane, rather it makes me sane!-From a woman’s perspective”

  1. Kalpana

    Well said Lalitha. Def not the end of the world, rather for many it’s the beginning. Happiness & satisfaction is an inner feeling, cannot be defined by some man-made rules ☺️

  2. Aswathi

    Great choice of topic Lallu. Well written

  3. Aswathi

    Great choice of topic Lallu. So relevant too

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