The power of Now – From confusion to partial enlightenment

Since my childhood, there has been lot of emphasis on the philosophy, “Power of Now”, and I used to think about it deeply. How to live in the present moment without thinking about the past and planning about the future?  People say it is good to do yoga, do exercises, and walk at least 20 minutes daily. But if you don’t live in the moment even after that then here are some points which will help you in understanding the meaning of living in the present moment.

You did your best in the past with your limited knowledge

Most of the times, we blame ourselves for the misfortunes in life and brood over the split milk. But have you ever thought from the angle of your naivety during that time of mistake?  The anguish is justifiable when you do your best in life but you face lot of problems. So keep moving on and understand that you have proceeded in the past with the little knowledge you had. Now that you have the needed knowledge, you can use it as the stepping stone to progress in life.

Be firm in your principles and decisions

If you are firm in your principles and decisions, then there is no need for repenting. Your intuition knows you best, and it will help in taking the next step forward. There should be proper aim while decision-making. Even until few years ago, I used to dilly-dally regarding certain decisions. I was not sure whether the step I am taking in life is right or wrong. But once I started believing in my intuition, I became clearer about what I want in life.

Don’t overthink

My zest for achieving in life knows no bounds. But problem enters when it is accompanied by ovethinking. When I know about myself best and when I decide with clarity, why should I keep on analyzing the decision again and again, thereby leading to anxiety? This made sense to me. So I find pleasure in just taking life as it comes in my way.

Yes, nothing is permanent-so keep doing your best without expectations

When you realize that nothing is permanent you will have the mindset to give your best shot in every situation. You will know that expectations will lead to disappointment and won’t waste time on it.

Your mind has lot of information loaded in it. It takes time to heal

And last but not the least, here is the quintessential point. You have journeyed a long way in your life, and you have witnessed lot of scenarios. Yes, your life happens to be a roller-coaster ride. How can you heal all of a sudden? Everything happens gradually, but still don’t be obsessed over any labeling. Let’s not deny our emotions, flow with life with style, and remember that eternity is bliss when observed with open-mindedness and equanimity.



2 Thoughts to “The power of Now – From confusion to partial enlightenment”

  1. Kalpana

    Crisp writing Lalitha👍.
    A very imp & sensitive topic you have touched, if I may add my two cents -> be responsible for your decisions made in the past, no finger-pointing if it goes wrong and most imp not to regret, these words I say to myself often :).

  2. Ankita Thapliyal

    Much needed and much awaited topic for the day ……really, it made my day…….life is always a roller-coaster ride, comprising lots of ups and down which lead to a new me (a new version of ourselves). And there are always two points to be noted: happy days do not last for long, so do the sad days and we never feel much excited and happy in the starting and destination how much we feel in the journey. So always enjoy the journey (present) rather than the past ( starting point) and future ( destination). Also enjoy the unplanned moments of life… really works.

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