“Self-help is the best help”-Does this stop you from asking help?

Since childhood, we are all taught to believe in ourselves and not depend on others too much. Independence is hailed as the new norm, and asking for help from others seemed to cripple us. I used to remember the time when I depended on my mother a lot during childhood. Though it gave me short-term benefits, it hindered my personal progress to some extent in the long run. It is another story when I realized when to ask help and when not to ask. And this idea summarises the entire post.

Know when to ask help

I have seen several students determined not to ask help from others. For example, they would be scolded by their teacher for not bringing the geometry box to school, but still their principles won’t let them to borrow a spare compass from their friend, who is willing to lend. While I can understand their mentality that once borrowed they may continue it, it is just a matter of maintaining balance in their approach.

Have clarity in what you want

Nowadays most of us are doing self-learning. For example, let me consider a situation wherein a person learns SEO all by himself. He may be tempted to ask help from an expert for each and everything regarding SEO. But when somebody guides you throughout your journey of learning, what is the use of gaining knowledge? Knowledge is power, and there should be clarity in our desire to acquire knowledge. I too have undergone this situation, and many a times have felt embarrassed at my own vagueness. But once bit, twice shy, I made it a point to get the basics right in the beginning itself. First I took time to understand the concept and then asked the doubt to others. There is lot of improvement in my self-learning now.

You may develop self-pity if you don’t ask for help at all

As I stress right from the beginning, we should know when to ask help and when not to ask help. One day you may be too sick that you would not be able to carry out your household chores. It wouldn’t hurt if you ask your spouse or child to get dinner prepared for you. They would be really glad to prepare it for you. On the contrary, if you suppress your health problems and don’t ask help from others, there are chances that you start developing self-pity.

I know there are lots of self-made people who have faced life’s adversities with equanimity. But do you think they made a mark all by themselves? Behind every successful person, there is an individual power that empathised with him/her. Do you agree?


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