Why taking sufficient rest/power nap is important for better productivity?

We are living in a busy world.  Moreover, this work-from-home model that was started by the pandemic has made us to sit long hours before the computer. Many of us would be glued to our computer screen most of the times and don’t even think of taking rest for a while. We want to complete the work as fast as we can and then wind up for the day. Do you think this is a good practice? Share your comments below.

The importance of taking breaks

Instead of spending long hours in your work without taking a break, it is suggested that you take breaks in between for every 1 hour. You can walk away from your place, go to a different location, keep doing short exercises, or just take a huge breath. This will go a long way in rejuvenating you and giving you the needed energy to work for 8 (sometimes even 10) long hours.

Now let’s go to power nap.

What? Power nap? That too in between work?

I would like to shed light on the point that power nap can indeed increase your productivity. Sometimes, as adults, we don’t like the idea of power naps because generally we link it with childhood. This takes me back to those office days where some would feel drowsy at a meeting but still trying to stay awake (feeling self-conscious that they are observed by their managers). Have you ever encountered this situation? Your comments are welcome.

If you think I am propagating an afternoon power nap trend office-wide (regarding work from home too) , then think again. Though I am not stressing on the benefits that a power nap can offer, including relieving stress and keeping you alert (which you can find through Google itself), I am just inclined to talk about the point of resisting rest. The more and more you resist rest, the more and more you will tend to be distracted and restless. So the key is in making the best use of a power nap and reap its benefits.

If you cut down your sleep to only 4 to 5 hours in the night due to long hours of work in the day, try to compensate for it by sleeping in the day at a fixed time daily. Even half an hour of power nap will revitalize you and make you work efficiently. Though I am not a doctor to talk about the health benefits of power nap in a detailed manner, I can tell with assurance that half an hour of power nap will definitely refresh you. Your mindset will get relaxed and there will be reduced stress. You will be able to concentrate more on your work, whether it is office or household chores.

Now that we have seen about the importance of power nap, those who are not inclined towards it can even carry out meditation or just shift their attention from office work. If you have been following the work process diligently, you will definitely be able to complete the day’s work within your shift time while taking break (or power nap). Happy resting/napping!


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