You are more capable than what you think

The concept of this blog has been running behind my mind for a long time, and today I found it the right time to talk about it. I have seen several people asking where they stand in this competitive world. Though I too have faced the wrath of depression, I am fortunate enough to say that I had the unwavering spirit to demonstrate my talent. When people say that they don’t have any talent, I don’t agree. I am a strong believer that there is either innate talent in people which is waiting for the right time to be demonstrated or people develop skills over time (appreciate your comments on this). Now, the aim of this blog is to be a ray of hope to those people who feel so down sometimes that they lose confidence in their capability.

Socialize and you will know where you stand

When you feel down and start losing confidence in your capability, socialize with other people. Know their talents and assess yours. When you are drowned in self-pity, you will not be able to get a clear picture of your talents. You might have encountered some failure in your life even after you doing your best, and that would have caused you to lose hope. But remember that if you interact with friends and learn about their talent woes too, you would realize that you have lot of hidden talents which is only waiting for the right time to be tapped.

Start small

Yes, under these difficult situations, which I too have experienced, begin with small endeavors. Don’t be overwhelmed with the thought that you have to achieve great things in life.  Identifying your talent itself is half battle won. Work on it relentlessly, and take pride in reaping the fruits.

Congratulate yourself for each victory

Well, this may be sound like a childish attitude which should be controlled with time. But I personally feel that appreciating and rewarding yourself for each step you take will go a long way in boosting your morale. Don’t be browbeaten by the thought which says that you are childish.

Take a leaf from the books of people who never give up

Nowadays, learning from failure is the new mantra. You also join the list. Who won’t agree when I say that you fail only when you give up? I can understand that during your difficult times you find it hard to have a leg up in the competition overnight. That’s okay. You simply follow your milestones diligently. Just because your friend Divya has built her own house at 35 years itsef doesn’t mean that you are inferior. As long as you keep trying, there is always hope.

Don’t regret about the past; you have changed and are moving on

This is the golden rule applied to everyone who are in the verge of giving up in life. Remember that your past journey does not define you. If you have changed a lot from the past and are trying your best to lead a fulfilling life, that’s what matters at the end of the day.

Just engrave in your mind that you are more capable than what you think when you are facing difficult situations. I am doing this nowadays. You just have to understand that if you have the mindset to accept yourself without losing equanimity and still trying to come up in life, there is hope. It’s just that you are facing a difficult situation which seems to be so intimidating. But again, isn’t it all in the mind?





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