You have won a Nobel Prize!

Every father is dear to the daughter. And so is my father to me. He had big dreams about me and wanted me to win Nobel Prize. Well, I will tell you the background of this Nobel Prize attachment of my father. He was very much inspired by Nobel Laureate C.V. Raman, who happens to be a very distant relative of us. Being an editor, he used to write articles on the Nobel Laureate and was quite carried away by his achievements. So maybe that would have made him foster dreams of his daughter getting Nobel Prize. My father even bought lot of books in childhood and enhanced the language skills of myself and my brother. And that is how I got that spontaneous attachment towards languages, especially English.

Know thyself

Well, whenever my father used to share his dream of me making it big in the world (the Nobel Prize is just an example), I was inclined to do introspection. Do I have the needed skills to have a leg up in the competition? And if so, is it my ultimate goal?  Being a seasoned content writer, I am happy to say that I infuse lot of life into my writing. And there I feel lies my success and fulfillment. I see news of several people achieving big things in this world, and I feel it is a relative concept. My success lies in rising as phoenix from the ashes every time I lose and though not a genius in my field (which I am striving to be), doing my work with the utmost diligence.

Be flexible

I keep doing my work with a relentless spirit and always remember the words of my father that flexibility is the key to success. When we are flexible, we are able to understand the requirements of the employers and won’t think only from our point of view. This COVID-19 phase has brought a lot of change in me and I have started to let go of some of my staunch opinions. Besides, I used to take life very seriously. Now though I am able to close my eyes in peace while sleeping thinking that I have done my best in that day. I have learned how to flow with life.

Do small things with great love

This post is not only a reminder to myself that doing our work with passion and dedication will be observed by our fathers with a keen eye and but also to those who want this reinforcement on a daily basis. A father will want you to achieve great things in life; for example my father used the term Nobel Prize. This doesn’t mean that I should be disappointed when I don’t have the capability to win any one of the Nobel Prizes. I can march forward in life with the three golden rules including passion, determination, and confidence. I do that always (and I know you also would be doing that). My father was observing that and just used the tag “Nobel Prize” for the seemingly small things that I did with great passion and confidence. Remember that whenever you achieve something in your personal life or profession with fulfillment, it’s a joy for your father who takes pleasure in being proud of you. Trust me, you will enjoy the results!

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  1. Hema Venkatesh

    Best wishes to continue achieving the dreams of your dear father. Well written.

  2. Aswathi

    This one is really nice and relatable Lallu. You becoming a better version of yourself each day you wake up is a Nobel prize in itself!!

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