Learning, following, and nurturing

With the passage of time, we learn many things in life. Besides the learning part, we will also follow them throughout our life. While some would have been etched deeply in our hearts since childhood, some would take time to find a steady position. Sometimes, at later stages only we will learn the importance of certain things. In this regard, here is a list of things which I have been following for a long time and take pride to say that I am consistent in these:

To keep up a promise

Well, keeping up a promise is one of the much-debated things in the world. While certain people may argue that a promise is only a word and words cannot take so much significance, I differ in this viewpoint. According to me, keeping up a promise is a sign of respecting one’s sentiments and valuing their presence in our lives. I still remember making a promise of not eating a particular food item (which I used to do in my childhood) to my grandmother and still following it. Again, it’s a different story if the promise is broken and the person to whom you have promised forgives you. It all depends on the context sometimes.

Not to drink fridge water

For most of us, the first ritual after returning home from outside is drinking fridge water. I used to drink sufficient fridge water till my teens, but later I started to stop it so much so that the idea of drinking chilled water in the scorching heat stopped to amuse me. While there are few disadvantages that can be listed down regarding drinking fridge water, especially after coming from outside, the one that is close to me is getting sore throat. And yes! Now I don’t drink fridge water at all!

Prayers can even be small

I believe in God, and with the passage of time realized that prayers needn’t be big verses. It would suffice if they are straight from the heart. Even if you say two or three lines with sincerity, God will understand you.

Even when in hurry, not to plagiarize

Aha! This is one thing that I would like to elaborate more. Being a content writer, I have the passion to write creatively, whether it is for work or for my blog. I never prefer copying content from the web and proclaiming them to be my writing. I take pride in writing spontaneously and reaching the audience with utmost care. Sometimes, even when I am in a hurry, I don’t take up plagiarizing. I feel creativity should be at its best with the passage of time for a writer to succeed.

Not to talk while eating food

This is one of the habits that I have been following since my childhood. Only if the situation is urgent and requires my communication, I will open my mouth for talking while eating. Actually, this is very important because scientifically, when we talk while eating food, it can result in aggressive coughing and choking.

We should not take our dear ones for granted

Generally, we say sorry profusely to a stranger for bumping on them on the road but take our dear ones for granted. If only we understand that our near and dear ones are treasures in our lives, who are to be taken utmost care, we will take efforts to ask sorry to them. While some may differ in this opinion (saying why there should be formalities in close relationships), I feel that such relationships should only not be taken for granted.

Not depending on servants bring satisfaction

The corona virus pandemic has shaken the world to a great extent. However, it has been a blessing in disguise for me in some ways. For example, I understood the importance of doing household chores all by myself, without depending on servants. And you all know the importance of doing our works by ourselves.

We learn certain things fast and they remain etched in our hearts. Again, we also learn few things at a later stage only. Either way, if they benefit us, it is a thing of joy. Appreciate your comments….

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