Pazhaya sadham – Do you love it?

Pazhaya! the name itself brings lot of satisfying memories! The rice that is cooked today would be soaked in plain water overnight. It would ferment in the morning, and people would eat it for breakfast. Some eat this fermented rice with raw onion, while some even get the taste of green chilli. The specialty also lies in mixing this fermented rice with curd and a pinch of salt, along with pickle. I have seen people eating this rice just for the sake of the pickle, whether it be cut mango pickle or garlic pickle.

Well, the beauty of pazhaya sadham not only lies in its taste but also its health benefits. Rice being a natural coolant will maintain the coolness of the body. You will feel the benefit of this leftover rice throughout the day when it refreshes you.

Junk food – the culprit

According to me, there are various foods that refresh our mind and soul including pazhaya sadham. When eaten in the right manner, that is, without consuming lot of junk food throughout the day, you will benefit from it. But unfortunately, the mistake (which I even used to do) is to eat junk food and then want to benefit from fermented rice. Let me make it clear with this example. You do lot of exercises, but when you eat lot of junk food, what is the use? You do yoga..but what is the benefit when you don’t follow proper diet? There should be a balance in everything, and you should eat accordingly to get the utmost benefit.

Pazhaya sadham – the best relief for rural people, followed by even city-bred people

Most of the people rural India, especially southern part of India. take the pazhaya soru for lunch and gain bliss from it. Good habits can be cultivated from anyone. Good bacteria get generated in plethora in the body after eating pazhaya sadham. I too have experienced that the body feels less fatigue, and there is more energy to me after eating this sadham. Pazhaya sadham also helps maintaining the youthful look.

Take-home message

There are still certain traditional good habits which we are so much attached to, and one such is eating pazhaya sadham. I am a big fan of this rice not only for its health benefits and taste, but also for the pure simplicity in preparing it. For the busy woman who runs to office in the morning, pazhaya sadham that is tightly packed in the lunch box tells stories of her affection towards conventional foods that provide vast health benefits. She even eats it for breakfast,  which is indeed a quick menu. And forget those scenes in movies wherein one student teases the other for eating pazhaya soru. If I had been in that position, I would definitely raise my voice for this stupendous rice which makes up some days for several people! What is your view about pazhaya sadham? Please share in the comments box!

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  1. Aarthi

    I really love pazhaya Sadham and thats my breakfast for most of the days.

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