Why I believe in celebrating small wins

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

I also say that there is lot of power in small wins. It goes a long way in boosting your morale. At office, when you complete your target, you feel elated. At home, when you cook a delicious meal and everyone appreciate it, you are in cloud nine. It may show a picture of pure childishness, but there is a feeling of invincibility when you achieve your to-do list with great care. I know of a person who was suffering from depression. He used to get worried when the power gets cut. He knows that the power will resume in some time, but still the irrational fear looms in him. Hence, I gave him a suggestion. I asked him to celebrate when the power is restored, though it may sound childish. And now he is applying this approach even to other activities. Though it may sound childish, the truth is it is helping him a lot right now.

Small wins increase your confidence level

Celebrating small wins including the following will definitely have a positive effect on your confidence level:

  • feeling better about the way you look after being sick for a couple of days
  • getting appreciation for a good work done by you from your boss
  • completing your objective of writing a blog in a week’s time ( hey! It’s me!)
  • when someone reciprocates your good deed
  • watching your children saying to another person that you are their role model
  • doing more exercise a day when you felt that you couldn’t do more
  • cooking a delicious meal and getting credit for it
  • sometimes being the light in someone’s life and sometimes others inspiring you
  • purchasing a refrigerator in the place of the damaged one with your own money in spite of financial constraints and making your family members happy
  • You learned from your mistake but still don’t feel bad about it
  • Getting the needed rejuvenation by listening to your favorite music
  • Cleaning your house even though you are tied up with other routine works
  • When you say no to someone and they understand it
  • Getting an extra one hour of sleep and nobody scolds you knowing that you are doing your best
  • Publishing your song in karaoke and getting appreciation for it
  • And the list goes on…please feel free to add to this list..

Remember your unceasing love for life

When you have great love for life and your passion for it surpasses your worries, nothing can lower your motivation level. You will not give up due to small failures and will always try to progress in life.

Don’t be obsessed with the result

I have learned in life that when you are preoccupied with the perfection in results, your mind gets distracted. Instead, it is always a good thing to focus on the task at hand and doing your best. It is a wise practice to break down long-term goals into short-term goals, Let not the enormity of the long-term goal frighten you. For this, celebrating short-term wins is essential so that you don’t get stuck up.

Thus, it all boils down to celebrating you small victories then and there so that when you make big wins, you will be a more matured person with lot of self-acceptance. What do you say friends!





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  1. Akshaya

    Very true! 👌👍

  2. Hema Venkatesh

    Excellent positive suggestion! Every day becomes a celebration.

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