Signs that show you are already the light

Do you find inner tranquility hard to achieve? Do you think that you have to do great things to get that “inner light”? If so, you are not alone. I too have faced these distinct thoughts. But all I can say is that this enlightenment needn’t be painful. We all are so used to hearing that attaining inner tranquility involves big questions like “who I am” “why I am in this world” “what is my purpose” etc. Is it really so? Do you get into a new world when you start experiencing this tranquility? While some may consider this serenity as spiritual awakening, for some it is life’s way of showing its appreciation towards them. The understanding only differs.

The best quality of a good writer is to know the truths of life which will bring success eventually. For example, I may not be spiritually awakened fully, but I know that if I follow these steps I will be able to achieve it. And with the humble and honest statement, I write down some important pointers for inner tranquility. Some I am already experiencing and some I am in the process.

Don’t question too much

Life is all about getting immersed in its beauty, at the same time understanding the process. At one stage of life, when you trust your life’s process and surrender to it, there is real enlightenment. It may be difficult, but that fine phase will give a gentle feeling that everything happens for a reason. And that trust in the journey is worth it.

Remember that you are already the light

When you are already enlightened, the worldly external factors  blind you such that you are not able to count your blessings. The gladdening part is that you are already the light. And the saddening part that you are ignorant of this precious truth. When we just take time to introspect, it will reveal a lot about our inner bliss. I did exactly the same and realized that I am already the light, shining with full strength, but sometimes lit off due to external factors. And who is to blame for this? Me right? Think about it and you will get your answer.

 Be true to yourself

This is the important quality of getting closer to yourself and eventually attaining spiritual awakening. As a person who is always keen on eliminating my negativities, I am always honest with myself. There is nothing to demonstrate to others that I am much better than them because I don’t need it. I have a set of values which I follow and which I don’t give up. Earlier I used to have great thoughts but somehow failed to implement them to the fullest. But nowadays I take efforts to stand up for my cause.

Embracing yourself amidst your imperfection

With all the confusion and trauma one faces in life, will he/she still have the determined confidence to say that life is still fair with me? You are still moving on not upset by the uncertainties of life. You fight your imperfections bravely and show to the world that you are a true warrior. And that’s what counts at the end of the day.

Work on improving yourself

We cannot expect inner peace when we are keen on changing others. However, if we just take care of our lives and only think about our betterment, the process will naturally follow.

Take-home message

  • When you wake up in the morning and have a profound feeling of satisfaction, it is spiritual awakening.
  • When you have undergone a trauma but still didn’t give up on the goodness of life it is spiritual awakening.
  • When you become the better version of yourself day by day, it is spiritual awakening. For some, it is enlightenment. For some it is finding inner tranquillity. Only the words differ.

And in this difficult world, I humbly state that this is enough; enough to do our best, to just show up daily, and to maintain a smiling face in spite of all the odds.

All I can say is that this is a tough world, but still if you are facing it with inner strength, you are on the right track. You may know the steps to attaining inner peace, but the challenge lies in following it consistently.

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  1. Hema Venkatesh

    Take home message is a pointer to our inner betterment. Well written.

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