Where do you see yourself in five years?

“What will you be in next five years”? This is the crucial question that is asked in interviews. And I used to wonder why such a question is asked. How can I know my status in the next five years, when I am even struggling to manage my priorities in the current scenario? But over introspection, I found that though the word “ uncertainty” has caught up the fancy of the world, such questions will only motivate our frustrated minds.

How the coronavirus pandemic has promoted “uncertainty”

The coronavirus pandemic has made a drastic impact on our lives. It has led to a great loss of lives globally and posed a gigantic challenge to our mental health and the way we work. Most of us are confined to our homes, and the work from home model has paved the way to a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, we have restricted our travel a lot, and this is indeed a great disappointment to the ardent traveler. It has seemed to decrease the optimism in us and tries to say “hey friend! Life is uncertain! Don’t be too attached to it.” However, this is the greatest challenge to the person who meticulously plans his or her lives and demonstrates that life needn’t be filled with uncertainty; just that it is difficult and carefully laid-out plans can do the trick.

How to carry out the laid-out plans?

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this question is “normalcy” differs from one person to another. Earlier it seemed mandatory for a person to be happily married, bask in the glory of a high-paying job, and have children to shine in this world. However, it is time that we break these preconceived notions. And to an extent, we have done that. If living a single life suits you, then its best. If you achieve late in life, that too is okay, as long as there is constant progress.

We would have created certain plans to be performed in the future. Let that not take a backseat due to the “now and then” cropping uncertainties. The five years is just an estimated time for settling in life and planning our dreams. It shows how we give wing to our dreams. It may take even 4 years or even 6 years but don’t be carried away by the question. The key lies in understanding our priorities, working on them diligently, and succeeding in life.

I can understand that life is really unpredictable. But if you constantly look from that angle you won’t be able to achieve anything in life. Let that feeling of uncertainty not stop you from achieving your dreams. Don’t be anxious about getting things done, that too immediately. Lay out your plans, and give it time to fructify.

Set specific goals instead of broader goals

Instead of setting broader goals like I will be happy in 5 years, I will attain peace in 6 years, I will be my creative best in 3 years and I will climb the ladder of success in profession in 4 years, it is best to narrow them down. How will you be happy? How will you attain peace? How will be your creative best? How will you climb the ladder of success? Our thoughts are powerful motivators in making us do what we want. So frame them accordingly; I will be happy by buying a house of my own in five years; I will attain peace by spending time with nature, exercising regularly, and getting to bed early; I will be my creative best by learning a DIY in one month; I will climb the ladder of success by researching on how to advance my career for 5 minutes daily. You can even use a vision board and hang it in different viewable areas of your home so that you are reminded of your goal.

Now you saw how I made it easy. Don’t be daunted by the glaring uncertainty of life. If you have your vision intact, life can indeed be a smooth ride. All the best! I like people shining! Live and let live!


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