Should I travel during this pandemic?

I know you are eager to travel again. Yes, you would be greatly interested in visiting your family who is out of station or even want to have the perfect weekend get-together. And even a couple of months of vacation across India would also be in your to-do list.

But now let’s take this instance. The other day I saw my brother looking bored. I told him, “why don’t you go out and enjoy the sunshine? Why don’t you get immersed with nature? Why don’t you get the fresh air in the morning?”. He just stared at me thinking about his helplessness and as though I am preaching. He is so used to the confines of home, especially during this pandemic season, that my suggestions seemed to be an impossible task for him. However, since I have realized the importance of traveling, which means going to different places instead of staying in one place, I stressed on it.

What is a different place?

A different place needn’t be a long-distanced place. We are so used to attaching the meaning of traveling to long distance that when we don’t value the importance of short-distance travel. But now I have realized its significance, more so after this pandemic. Even when you do it for a short distance but ultimately either get benefited from it or enjoy it or do both, it is a form of traveling only. You may think of travelling long distances, at the same time looking into the risks associated with the pandemic. If you cannot do that, you can still travel short distances and enjoy your travel. However, when you reach  a situation when you become bored with journeying the same place, try different locations.

 Conscious traveling

The problem is that in this busy and chaotic world, we sometimes tend to lose clarity and hence not understand the significance of important aspects like travelling. Whether be it our stay at home or going out of station, you may have the same disposition. So do you think the atmosphere makes the difference in travelling? Change doesn’t come from the atmosphere itself; the atmosphere is a supporting element. Change basically comes from the way you perceive it. Appreciate your comments here!

Even when I go outside for a walk, I try to divert my attention and do conscious walking. And that is where the beauty of travelling lies. I just say to myself, “It is going to be a good experience. I am going to enjoy it”. When you don’t come out of your caged thoughts, they will only pull you more and more inside. You should do it with a conscious shift in mind. For example, the thought of doing some pending work in the house should not distract you. If you are traveling, completely surrender to it and enjoy it.

Traveling is a form of rejuvenation

It should be remembered that travelling should be done with the goal to free your mind from the regular stress. It can be a form of rejuvenation. It should come from within. Whether it is going to your friend’s place that is 6 kms away from your house or going to the nearby park, it should be a change from your daily atmosphere and you should enjoy it.

 Come out of your comfort zone

At this point of time, where we have slowly started to travel, breaking away from the shackles of coronavirus pandemic, ensure that you enjoy it. You are moving away from your comfort zone now.

You are most of the times confined to your homes and children are also frustrated. It is better to take them to the nearby park or for a long walk or even to your friend’ place which is a couple of kilometers away from your home. In both the literal and figurative sense, walk the extra mile and enjoy the benefits of travelling. Yes, I can understand. Your skeptical and cynical mind will say, “Are you trying to find a purpose in travel when meeting the daily professional targets itself is overwhelming? Just sit in your chair and do your work.” Or “You have lot of house hold chores remaining. Do that”. Or it may just be that you have become too comfortable with your way of living that the pandemic has given. But still try to come out of these powerful pulling thoughts and start traveling. And yes you got it right! Go to different places, not necessarily long-distanced places. Immerse in the beauty of traveling! And yes,

Just overcome these thoughts and go for travelling. Explore nature. Change your mindset consciously. And you will see the difference.

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