Going paperless in this world of digitalization

I still remember the days when I brought my printer. It was a color printer, and I was carried away by the beauty of it. I used to print even my stories from my computer and have a record. With passage of time, the printer lost its functionality. However, I still used to take print-outs from the nearby shop.

Now let me come to the real essence of the topic: the need for going paperless in this digital world. We now even get our offer letters through e-mail. However, I can still empathize with you when you see the offer letter in paper. I had experienced that joy. When I got the offer letter, I used to keep it in a neat file in my chest of drawers. That is a unique feeling!

But now we are gradually having different views of organization and our thoughts have taken a deeper hike. Going paperless has become the norm now. The major advantage of it is it will save you time. You needn’t have the stress of organizing the documents. You just have to remember the folder where you have kept your documents. But still, the bunch of papers, which may even include your attempt with writing a short story, will have a different story to tell. Just because going paperless is highly promoted nowadays, the beauty of maintained papers cannot be underestimated.

When you have a paper to-do list, you tend to misplace it. It will also become torn with the passage of time. You might even think twice before buying a beautiful one because there are chances of it getting torn. In this regard, a digital to-do list is a smart alternative.

Now that we are working remotely, we don’t have to worry about having the documents intact while being paperless. Your system has everything in place. The emergence of cloud technology also helps in sharing documents remotely. Whether it is your laptop or smart phone, you can access important documents by going the paperless way. But the best advantage of going paperless is that it eliminates de-cluttering. I still remember the overloaded drawers which I take pain to clean it every now and then. When I open it for taking a document or photos that I have treasured, it will again be in a mess. I have to arrange it systematically, only to add to my stress. However, when you go paperless, there is no such issue.

Using fewer papers means we are not cutting down more trees. And it remains that going paperless indeed leads to better organization. You would definitely have wonderful memories with papers including writing a story, preparing a to-do list, seeing your offer letter, or even getting a letter from your husband who is abroad. These memories are worth looking back. But now with the importance given to going paperless, we have to try using papers minimally. And can you share your favorite memories with paper?



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  1. Neelakantan

    People still prefer to have a copy of their vaccination certificate printed out to present proof for travel. The passport itself is a paper document. So paper will stay here for a while.

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