Will AI impact the future of my job?

The sheer thought of skilled workers losing their jobs due to technology in the near future is really saddening. We have spent lot of time in honing our skills, and our parents have made sacrifices in helping us get the job that we deserve. When it comes to something as livelihood at stake, it is a question of concern. Now some of the hottest questions in discussion are: Will artificial intelligence eliminate most of the jobs? Will talented employees find it difficult to prove their mettle in this AI-dominated world? What should I do to sustain in this scenario?

Focus on growth of the employees        

With regard to the above questions, the top management intervention should be at its fullest. They should train the employees in learning new skills. As they progress, the employees should take up managerial positions in their office. And with that there should be growth and satisfaction. Then there will not be question of senior employees being replaced by robots and only young talents making a mark in their profession.

How automation has impacted me?

Automation has taken a great leap in the past few years. But as a content writer, I feel that my job is safe as long as I keep writing new perspectives and develop new skills. You can try to view your job also in the same way. Even if you are a cashier whose job is at stake, you can take up other roles including suggesting financial products that your customers may need, etc. And with regard to self-driven cars which are hyped to replace the jobs of bus drivers and taxi drivers, I think that will always remain hype.

Artificial intelligence-powered society is just a fad

I don’t think so there will be a completely automated society and that the survival of the fittest is primarily dominated by the young and talented. If you keep updating your skills constantly, there is no question of automation eliminating your jobs. Just as necessity is the mother of invention, when the need arises, we will definitely adapt to change. Though robotic skills will see a surge, so will human skills including creativity, volunteering, critical thinking, etc. will also grow. The organizations must form a human–machine enhancement strategy so that skilled workforce is never wasted.

How the pandemic promoted automation

The pandemic has augmented automation in several domains. Robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are becoming the key words now. However, it will be a good thing if we maintain the work ethos of not automating jobs by giving importance to human connection. Governments, policymakers, and other stakeholders should think of approaches that assist humans to get better than technology.

As long as work is the main force behind living, the jobs won’t disappear. Humans are known for finding purpose in life, and I don’t think AI will surpass them. This question “Will my job go away as technology evolves” is only a hype that will fade away with time. AI is indeed a friend of humans that will enhance human intelligence and not replace it.


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