What does today’s youth want?

I believe that the youth always have an invincible feeling. They think that they can achieve great things by the time they reach the age of 40. They diligently take efforts to do so, but when it fails they become frustrated. Now if we try to list down the things what the youth today really want, we will understand where our economy stands.

A good mentor

The youth of today make decisions for their life, but most of the times they wish someone could be their mentor. Now with various uncertainties happening in the world, the youth want someone to support them in a wise manner. Though whether the results give them satisfaction is a different thing, the youth of today at least want someone to understand their journey and mold them. Though self-motivated is a word that is being given importance, most of the times the youth want the guidance of someone, especially after the uncertainty posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Appreciate your comments here.

Education that is future-proof

Studying just for the sake of having a degree certificate is not the goal of the youth nowadays. They are clear in their purpose and want education that makes them ready for the real world. Life skills is becoming more important nowadays, and thus they want to learn them. Earlier, the education system was planned such that the students gain the life skills by themselves (which has its own beauty). But now with the looming precariousness that life poses, they want to be prepared for everything.              But doesn’t this lead to a comfort zone that is difficult to come out of? What do you think friends?

A safe life that challenges uncertainty

I happened to talk with friends aged between 20 and 30,  and they vividly showed concern over the uncertainty of life. Today’s youth are known for their “never-give-up” attitude towards life. They want to combat every challenge with grit. Even I was not so clear about life during my 20s. Hats off to you present-day youth!

Someone who can understand their righteous anger

Today’s youth feel that they want someone whom they can vent their true anger. There are various injustices happening in this world, and they want someone who just doesn’t ignore their anger. To be precise, they want their anger to be validated.

Parents who are ever-supporting and friends whom they can rely upon

This is also narrows down to the uncertainty of life. The youth of today want parents who extend full support in all their endeavors and help them achieving their dreams and ambitions.

 Wants  to get answer to every question

The question “why” has always been the most used words by the youth of today. I have seen several youngsters reasoning out why certain things happen. For example, they just don’t involve in something that others are doing. They reason it out carefully, analyse the pros and cons, and then only adopt it. This can be for both their personal and professional life decisions.

Yes, you heard it right. The youth of today, more than ever, want guarantee that their dreams can be achieved. And for this, they don’t want to leave anything to chance.


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