Tips for working women to beat the strong thought of quitting their jobs

Women have made a giant leap in career over the years. It is a known fact that more women are gaining interest in enrolling in college, medical schools, and law schools. Besides, women are gradually proving their mettle in their jobs. This is a heartening thing , right?

However, with the emergence of the pandemic, women are the ones who are mainly affected by it. They are so tired with the demands of household work that sometimes the thought of quitting the job enters their mind. Now in order to give you the much-needed assurance that life needn’t be so unfair, I will list some pointers to make you happy. The key lies in not regretting at later stages. Besides, once bit, twice shy. I have much experience in taking impulsive decisions, so both myself and you can gain from this contemplation of mine.

Consult your family and well wishers

It is always better to get the opinion of your near and dear ones before deciding to quit your job. You may decide to leave your job due to additional responsibilities. You may either have a loving family with a caring husband and loving children or you may be enjoying singlehood; it still boils down to the fact that you have your own professional woes. I don’t advocate speaking up for yourself to the management, but still it is always better to consult your near and dear ones. They will be in a better position to help you. But this is where the true challenge lies. I myself have encountered situations wherein I took my own professional decisions and later repented for it. I used to tell it to my family and well-wishers only after making the decision. But now again as I told earlier, once bit, twice shy.

Learn a new skill

My experience says that learning a new skill will make you feel at the top of the world when you are facing stressful moments like the temptation to quit your job. This will have double benefits; you will add value to your skillsets and you will be diverted from the thought of quitting your job. Decide on the skill that you wish to learn. For example, you can easily learn SEO skills (which I did) or enhance your knowledge of Microsoft Excel or even refresh your photography skills. If you have good voice, you can try your luck at podcasting. I as a content writer am even tried to learn technical writing. Writing is a a basic skill that employers value in a candidate, and you can even learnt that through books or online resources.

Share your responsibilities with your kids

You cannot pour from an empty cup. It is time that you stop thinking that you have to work ceaselessly and don’t give your children any responsibility.  Make them do small works if they are below  14 years. If they are above 14 years, they can even try cooking . But ensure that they do these once you have completed your work so that they have your supervision.

 Remember to pause

Pausing is an effective solution that doesn’t let you to fall in the trap of mental frustration while in the dilemma of quitting your job. Just relax and be confident about your strengths. Don’t belittle yourself.  You may feel that the world is not fair with you, but still pause. If needed, take permission from your job  and do your work slowly some days. It will definitely be a worthy experience.

Today’s women are empowered. I don’t want them to give up for reasons which are very well under their control. Hence this blog. Appreciate your views!

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  1. Preethi

    Certainly it has been worth pausing and reflect on the action by unwinding our thoughts and emotions.
    Well articulated and thought provoking article!!
    Best wishes

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