Tackle the inertia and gain momentum

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”

As a person who was not too much interested in physics during my school days, now I have started to relate certain important terms in physics to life. Have you heard about inertia in physics? It is an object’s resistance to any change in motion. The object maintains its restful state unless some force works on it. And to get the force is what the key here is.

Change directions

When you have pain due to emotional setback or physical issues, have you realized that you have to change directions? This not only holds good for physics but also for psychology, where motivation plays a major role. The magic medicine that you require here is the force that gets you moving on in life. But the key is in tackling the initial inertia, which will have a huge impact in progressing in life. Tackle it, keep doing your work without any pain…that’s it. Sounds interesting right! I too found it so unless I started analyzing it.

Most of the problems in our life occur because we don’t tackle the initial inertia. This inertia is like a quagmire, which pulls us deep inside with no way of elevation. But don’t you think if you try to change directions, you will come out a wiser person?

How inertia makes us feel unhappy and deviate us from our goals

We often get overwhelmed by life’s happenings and get caught in the illusion that we cannot come out of pain. But thankfully, with all the inspirational stories that are around us and our own courage, we gain momentum and try to achieve our goals to the fullest.

Change your routine if needed

There is a particular routine that we follow in life and struggle to come out of it. While it is ok to not be worried about any major accomplishments during some days, the broad picture should have a definite life goal that leads us in the right manner.

How positive momentum does great things

There’s nothing more inspiring than having positive momentum, which helps you in reaching what you want, compared to negative momentum, that makes you deviate from it. For example, I developed the habit of not getting overwhelmed by life’s problems, and now I feel much better because I don’t make problems overtake me. At the most, I vent it to others, and they help me in handling the problems. I found the flow and am quite happy that I have understood what positive momentum is.

Take-home message

Don’t let the burden of inertia stagnate you. Don’t be obsessed with your normal way of thinking, but come out of your comfort zone. The irony of life is that it takes lot of time and even sometimes introspection to know what you really want and what really makes you happy. This is the reason you are stuck in the inertia.

If you have any physical health issue, analyze the inertia behind it, and combat it bravely. If you have any mental health issue, have peace with the pain, which is also a way of dealing with the inertia. Just take the first and important step, and you will be happy that you did it! After all, everyone has their unique story to tell, and it is all about overcoming the initial inertia and gaining momentum. Once you gain the momentum, life will be a smooth sail.


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