How the seemingly harmless “sitting more” could affect you

Priyanka is a workaholic. She always takes pride in completing her work within the given deadline. She ensures that she don’t take too many leaves too. She even has won several awards and recognitions for her exemplary work. She sits before her computer for long hours and gets immersed in her work. Sooner, she started developing health problems too. Then someone stressed to her the importance of sitting less.

But before going on to the importance of the need to sit less, let me give an insight on the need to work.

The need to work

We all work for several reasons. While some people are the sole breadwinners of the family, some people, especially women, earn to get additional income for the family, We also work to get a purpose in life. Yes, don’t you think the quest to find a deeper meaning in life drives you to work? Besides, when we are productive, it will motivate us to do even more good work. But have you ever thought about the impact that working ceaselessly has (without taking the needed breaks) on your mind and body? Yes, this is what this post is all about.

The need to sit less while working

Nowadays, they say “sitting is the new smoking”. Research has associated sitting for long periods with several health concerns. How can we break the habit of  long hours of sitting? It sounds difficult right? More so because there are several Priyankas out there who are so immersed in their productivity that they forget the negative impact of sitting for a long period. Why don’t you follow these steps just as I have started doing?

Get up from your chairs for lunch and tea breaks

First things first. Sometimes, in our busy schedule, we even tend to have our food sitting in our office chairs itself. Please refrain from that. These are some conscious things which you can follow. When it is time for your lunch, just leave your workplace and walk to the lunch table. Eat your food slowly.

Don’t skip work breaks

Work breaks are given so as to relax your mind and body. Now with many people doing work from home, they may not utilize their work breaks. Whatever priority task you have, have a fixed schedule for breaks and follow that.

Walking during your lunch hours and at breaks

While sitting more is considered to be detrimental to our bodies, don’t try to seek the alternative of lying down. Walk during your lunch and at tea breaks. This will have a positive impact on your health.

Stand or move around while talking over the phone

Such small efforts will also help you. But be mindful enough in doing it. If it is a long call you can even walk and talk.

Set a timer for every one hour

I have experienced this to a great extent. Though I think that I would get up from my office chair for every 1 hour, I would somehow get engaged and don’t do so. In this regard, it is always better to set a timer for every one hour.

Less time sitting while watching TV

Well, don’t get me wrong when I say this. I know how much relaxation you would get in watching the Netflix or Amazon Prime series during the nights after a long day. But ensure that you don’t sit for a long time but walk in between during the breaks or do some other activities.

We all want to do our best at work. But with the medical concerns associated with sitting more,  let us take time to relax in between works and break this habit. I am sure you are ready for it.




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