How to train your mind to dislike junk food (from a transforming person)

This blog concept has always interested me, but now only I found the right time to write my thoughts on it. Earlier I used to get excited at the mere sight of vada and bajji.  But now the scenario is different. I feel now that I am slowly distancing myself from junk food amidst temptations, and I am in a good position to write this blog. Now let’s see some tips on training your mind to dislike junk food.

Understand your thought process

No one better than you know you’re thought process well. Understand what triggers you to eat junk food. If the taste is what that makes you go crazy, then try swapping this junk food with another healthy food. I know it is easier said than done. Sometimes even when we are about to give up junk food, if the people at home make it, we would be tempted to it. Hence the key is in understanding our health needs and acting accordingly.

Don’t buy junk food at all

Yes, this solution may seem to both simple and difficult. It is simple in the sense that if you don’t buy junk food, you won’t have the inclination to eat it. It is difficult because you have to train your mind to live without junk food. But where there is will, there is way.

Keep the healthy food in your sight

Once you have decided to not buy junk food and have started implementing it, the next thing is to keep the healthy food in your sight. This slight shift in your approach towards eating will help you in avoiding junk food. You can have healthy alternatives including fresh juice, some good appetizers, home-made sweets, puffed rice, frozen yoghurt, popcorn, dried fruits, homemade smoothies etc.

Chew more

This is the practice which is recommended by most health experts nowadays (including my uncle who is a health expert). When I used to eat biscuits fast, my uncle suggested me to break it into tiny pieces and chew it slowly. By this way, I tend to eat less. This applies even to junk food. This my uncle asked me to do consciously.

Keep track of your consumption

I can understand. You cannot sometimes control the craving for junk food. When we cannot manage something, then we have to take steps to track it. By doing so, you will know where the problem lies and hence take measures to not repeat it again.

Handle your stress

Nowadays we know very well that stress can also contribute to our inclination towards junk food. In such cases, try to divert your attention. But for the long-term benefit, manage this stress by doing meditation, listening to good music, and lessening your screen time.

I know how difficult it is to forgo eating junk food. The amount of sugar, salt, fat etc. added to the junk food makes us go at the back of them. They will make us crave for it, but we generally forget about the less nutritional value that they have. It’s okay. We can start now also. But for this people at home should also adjust. All the best! Eat food of high nutritional value and remain healthy!

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